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Reading List for November 2023

Cover for the book 'All Souls Lost' by Dan Moren

Now that Thanksgiving in the United States is in the past, we are squarely in the holiday season. With December starting, it is now time for my reading list for November. Before diving into the books that I listened to, it should be noted that this is the second to last Reading List that I will be posting. There are a couple of a reasons for this.

The first reason is that I have cancelled my Audible subscription. Part of the reason why I cancelled my Audible subscription is budgetary, but not entirely. An Audible subscription is approximately $15 a month and when you look at it over the course of a year that is $180. I am absolutely not getting $180 worth of value from the service.

In case you are not aware, an Audible subscription comes with the ability to purchase titles through the use of a credit system. At one point earlier this year I had six credits, which means that I had not purchased anything for six months. It has become a struggle to find items to purchase with these credits. While Audible credits do not expire, for the plan that I am on, I cannot have more than six at a time. If you do not use the credits, you forfeit a credit, which means that you are effectively paying for nothing at that point.

One aspect of an Audible subscription is Audible Plus. I do not utilize the Audible Plus catalog because most of the books there are not ones that I am interested in. I have tried a number of titles I have stopped listening to each of them after a bit of time and just removed them from my library.

The second reason is that there has been almost no feedback when I post them. I initially thought this might be a way of providing a non-Apple post every month, but without it getting any traction it does not make sense to continue posting these.

The third reason is that if you look over the three years of reading lists, a majority of the books are ones that I have listened to before and not that many books are new ones.

Even though I will not be posting everything that I read over the course of a month, I still will be reading books. Instead of a subscription, I will likely be a bit pickier about the books that I purchase. I may still post about titles that stand out, but this definitely will not be on a monthly basis.

And now, on to the items that I did read in November.

In November I listened to 14 books total, of which three were new. I want to highlight one of the new titles that I listened to, All Souls Lost by Dan Moren.

Say hello to Mike Lucifer, Spiritual Consultant. He’s back in town to take care of business. Unfortunately, when business is good, things must be very, very bad.

After two years trying to run away from his past, Mike Lucifer’s back in his office less than ten minutes when a persistent young woman shows up asking for help: her boyfriend’s been possessed by a demon.

That’s exactly the kind of mess that drove him from his hometown of Boston to a sunny beach—and the bottom of a bottle—in the first place. But there are some problems that even booze can’t drown, and while Lucifer may be no hero, his dwindling bank account provides a thousand reasons to take the case.

No sooner is he back in the game then the complications and corpses start to add up. The boyfriend’s not possessed—he’s dead. The tech company where he worked is looking shadier by the second. And Lucifer’s client definitely knows more than she should…about everything. The deeper Lucifer digs, the more he wonders if whatever sinister entity lurks behind this case wants him to be the last to die…
Note: the links below contain affiliate codes where I get a small commission if you purchase something.

Title Author First Listen Amazon Apple
Exiled from Earth (Exiles Book 1) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
Flight of Exiles (Exiles Book 2) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
End of Exile (Exiles Book 3) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
Run Program Scott Meyer No Amazon Apple
Farmer in the Sky Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
The Black Death: The World’s Most Devastating Plague (Great Courses) Dorsey Armstrong No Amazon Apple
The Black Death: New Lessons from Recent Research (Great Courses) Dorsey Armstrong No Amazon Apple
Years that Changed History: 1215 (Great Courses) Dorsey Armstrong No Amazon Apple
Mars Nation: The Complete Trilogy Brandon Q. Morris Yes Amazon Apple
No Man’s Land John Toland Yes Amazon Apple
All Souls Lost Dan Moren Yes Amazon Apple
Total   14    

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