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Reading List for October 2022

Cover for the book Been There, Done That by Rachel Feltman

Halloween has just finished, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Similar to September, I did not listen to that many books in October. I listened to fewer items last month than in Sepember. I listened to 11 items total. Only one, or 9.09%. of the titles was a first-time listen.

The book I want to highlight this month is "Been There, Done That: A Rousing History of Sex" by Rachel Feltman.

A rollicking, myth-busting history of sex that moves from historical attempts at birth control to Hildegard von Bingen’s treatise on the female orgasm, demystifying plenty of urban legends along the way. Roman physicians told female patients they should sneeze out as much semen as possible after intercourse to avoid pregnancy. Historical treatments for erectile dysfunction included goat testicle transplants. In this kaleidoscopic compendium of centuries-old erotica, science writer Rachel Feltman shows how much sex has changed—and how much it hasn’t. With unstoppable curiosity, she debunks myths, breaks down stigma, and uses the long, outlandish history of sex to dissect present-day practices and taboos. Feltman’s mischievous humor dismantles fear and brings scientific literacy to a subject surrounded by misinformation, and indeed, as it gravitates toward the strange, Been There, Done That delivers some sorely needed sex ed. Explorations into age-old questions and bizarre trivia around birth control, aphrodisiacs, STIs, courtship rituals, and more establish that, when it comes to carnal pleasures and procreation, there’s never been a normal, and sex isn’t something to be scared of.

I am not sure what I will end up listening to in November, I do have a couple of books started but I do not know if I will end up finishing them or not, including a brand new one.

Title Author First Listen Amazon Apple
Been There, Done That: A Rousing History of Sex Rachel Feltman Yes Amazon Apple
Zombie Fallout Mark Tufo No Amazon Apple
The Undead: Part I R. R. Heywood No Amazon Apple
Beginning of the End: Apocalypse Z Manel Loureiro No Amazon Apple
World War Z: Complete Edition Max Brooks No Amazon Apple
Gray Mountain John Grisham No Amazon Apple
Farmer in the Sky Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
Daemon Daniel Suarez No Amazon Apple
Freedom(TM) Daniel Suarez No Amazon Apple
Revolt in 2100 Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
Methuselah’s Children Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
Total   11    

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