Celebrated actor, personality, and all-around nerd, Wil Wheaton updates his memoir of collected blog posts with all new material and annotations as he reexamines one of the most interesting lives in Hollywood and fandom–and now for the first time in audio, narrated by Wil himself!

From starring in Stand by Me to playing Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation to playing himself, in his second (third?) iconic role of Evil Wil Wheaton in The Big Bang Theory, to becoming a social media supernova, Wil Wheaton has charted a career course unlike anyone else, and has emerged as one of the most popular and well respected names in science fiction, fantasy and pop culture.

Back in 2001, Wil began blogging on Believing himself to have fallen victim to the curse of the child actor, Wil felt relegated to the convention circuit, and didn’t expect many would want to read about his random experiences and personal philosophies.

Yet, much to his surprise, people were reading. He still blogs, and now has an enormous following on social media with well over 3 million followers.

In Still Just a Geek, Wil revisits his 2004 collection of blog posts, Just a Geek, filled with insightful and often laugh-out-loud annotated comments, additional later writings, and all new material written for this publication. The result is an incredibly raw and honest memoir, in which Wil opens up about his life, about falling in love, about coming to grips with his past work, choices, and family, and finding fulfillment in the new phases of his career. From his times on the Enterprise to his struggles with depression to his starting a family and finding his passion–writing–Wil Wheaton is someone whose life is both a cautionary tale and a story of finding one’s true purpose that should resonate with fans and aspiring artists alike.

Reading List for April 2021

As I have done the last three months, it is that time again for me to provide a monthly recap of what I have read. You can review the lists from January, February, or March. As is the case for most of my books and podcasts, I listened to most of these at 2x or possibly even slightly faster. This month I have listened to more audiobooks than in March, but still fewer than in January and February.

I managed to listen to 31 books total, more than one a day on average. Of these 7 were ones that I listened to for the first time. I am not sure how many audiobooks that I will end up listening to in May, but time will tell.

Title Author First Listen
Bourne Supremacy (Bourne Book 2) Robert Ludlum No
Bourne Ultimatum (Bourne Series 3) Robert Ludlum No
Lock In (Lock In Book 1) John Scalzi No
Head On: A Novel of the Near Future (Lock In Book 2) John Scalzi No
Tunnel in the Sky Robert A. Heinlein No
Snow Crash: A Novel Neal Stephenson No
You’re Going to Mars Rob Dircks No
Calico Joe: A Novel John Grisham No
Old Man’s War (Old Man’s War Book 1) John Scalzi No
The Ghost Brigades (Old Man’s War Book 2) John Scalzi No
The Sagan Diary (Old Man’s War Book 2.5) John Scalzi No
The Last Colony (Old Man’s War Book 3) John Scalzi No
Zoe’s Tale (Old Man’s War Book 4) John Scalzi No
The Human Division (Old Man’s War Book 5) John Scalzi No
The End of All Things (Old Man’s War Book 6) John Scalzi No
What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Randall Munroe No
How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems Randall Munroe No
Vicarious Rhett C. Bruno Yes
Collapsing Empire (Interdependency Book 1) John Scalzi No
Consuming Fire (Interdependency Book 2) John Scalzi No
Last Emperox (Interdependency Book 3) John Scalzi No
Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas John Scalzi No
The Rolling Stones Robert A. Heinlein No
Gateway Frederick Pohl No
Orphans of the Sky Robert A. Heinlein No
Robots and Roommates (Star Kingdom Book 0) Lindsay Buroker Yes
Rumors of War (Green Zone War Book 1) Jake Elwood Yes
Star Peregrine (Green Zone War Book 2) Jake Elwood Yes
Prison Planet (Green Zone War Book 3) Jake Elwood Yes
Rogue Navy (Green Zone War Book 4) Jake Elwood Yes
Rogue Battleship (Green Zone War Book 5) Jake Elwood Yes
Total   31

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