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Reading List for January 2022

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It is now February of 2022 and that means it is time to provide the list of items that I read throughout January of 2022. There have been a couple of changes. First, there is now a graphic at the top of the post with the recommendation for the month. The second change is that there are now separate links for Amazon and Apple.

I only listened to 17 titles last month. Of which only 11.76 percent, or just two titles, being the first time I listened. This title is "Singularity Trap", by Dennis E. Taylor. This was a good science-fiction book that might be worth a read or listen. Here's a synopsis:

Determined to give his wife and children a better life back home, Ivan Pritchard ventures to the edge of known space to join the crew of the Mad Astra as an asteroid miner. He's prepared for hard work and loneliness—but not the unthinkable. After coming into contact with a mysterious alien substance, Pritchard finds an unwelcome entity sharing his mind, and a disturbing physical transformation taking place. With his very humanity at stake, Pritchard must save mankind from a full-scale interstellar war.

You may notice that I have listed the Interdependency Trilogy again, because I did actually listen to the trilogy again because it is a good series. I wish there were more stories within the universe.

Disclaimer: The links below will provide a bit of a commission if you purchase anything.

Title Author First Listen Amazon Apple
The Android's Dream John Scalzi No Amazon Apple
Snow Crash Neal Stephenson No Amazon Apple
Have Spacesuit Will Travel Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
Ender's Game Orson Scott Card No Amazon Apple
Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson No Amazon Apple
Mars Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
Man in the High Castle Phillip K. Dick No Amazon Apple
Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury No Amazon Apple
Farmer in the Sky Robert Heinlein No Amazon Apple
Run Program Scott Meyer No Amazon Apple
Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations (Great Courses) Brian M. Fagan No Amazon Apple
Singularity Trap Dennis E. Taylor Yes Amazon Apple
The Collapsing Empire (Interdependency Book 1) John Scalzi No Amazon Apple
The Consuming Fire (Interdependency Book 2) John Scalzi No Amazon Apple
The Last Emperox (Interdependency Book 3) John Scalzi No Amazon Apple
Starman Jones Robert Heinelin No Amazon Apple
Power Challenges Ben Bova Yes Amazon Apple
Total       17

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