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Reading List November 2021

Thanksgiving has just finished and the holidays have just begun. Now it is time to provide you with my reading list for last month, November 2021.

Unlike last month, there is not much of a theme this month. Instead, it is primarily history, science, and science fiction with two George Carlin books.

Of the 22 titles that I listened to 13 of them were first time listens, or approximately 54.1%, which is more than half.

If any of the titles pique your interest, be sure to click on the link to bring up the information for the book.

Disclaimer: The links below will provide a bit of a commission if you purchase anything.

Title Author First Listen
Grand Theft Astro Scott Meyer Yes
Saturn’s Monsters Thomas K. Carpenter Yes
Star Shroud (Ascension Series Book 1) Jeff Hays Yes
Star Divide (Ascension Series Book 2) Jeff Hays Yes
Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void Mary Roach No
Breasts Florence Williams No
Voyagers Ben Bova Yes
Voyagers II: The Alien Within Ben Bova Yes
Voyagers III: Star Brothers Ben Bova Yes
General and Geniuses: A history of the Manhattan Project (Great Courses) Edward G. Lengel Yes
A Short History of Nearly Everything Bill Bryson No
The Medieval World (Great Courses) Professor Dorsey Armstrong No
Feel Your Way Through: A Book of Poetry Kelsea Ballerini Yes
Wolves and Werewolves in History and Popular Culture (Great Courses) Shannon Scott Yes
The Science of Extreme Weather (Great Courses) Eric Snodgrass No
West Cork (Audible Originals) Jennifer Forde / Sam Bungey No
The Martian Andy Weir No
The Egg and Other Stories Andy Weir Yes
George Carlin Reads to You George Carlin No
Last Words George Carlin with Tony Hendra No
The Berlin Wall: A World Divided (Great Courses) Kelley Deetz Yes
Charismatic Leaders Who Remade America (Great Courses) Molly Worthen Yes
Total   22

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