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Reading List for August 2021

It's hard to believe that it is already September and that summer will be officially coming to a close later this month. For meteorologists though, September 1st marks the start of meteorological fall.

August was a busy reading/listening month for me. You may notice that there are a number of items that appeared on earlier lists. No, this is not an error. I did in fact re-listen to a number of books that I listened to just earlier this year.

The number of the books that I listened to earlier this year is 13. The reason for this is two-fold. First, someone brought up the Bobiverse books, and after they mentioned it, I wanted to listen to them again.

I also re-listened to the Interdependency Trilogy and the Old Man's War Series, both by John Scalzi. I love the Interdependency series and then once I started listening to the series, I wanted to listen to the Old Man's War series again, so I did.

I listened to 23 audiobooks total in August and seven of these were first-time listens. If you want something that is completely ridiculous, take a listen to Space Force by Jeremy Robinson, be forewarned that it meant for adults, due to language. It does not contain trigger warnings.

However, if you check out Nameless: A Renegade Star Story, be aware that there is a trigger warning, there are some major adult themes.

Disclaimer: The links below will provide a bit of a commission if you purchase anything.

Title Author First Listen
Project V.E.R.A. Tom Merritt Yes
D-Day: June 6, 1944: The Climactic Battle of World War II Stephen Ambrose Yes
We are Legion (We are Bob) (Bobiverse 1) Dennis E. Taylor No
For We Are Many (Bobiverse 2) Dennis E. Taylor No
All These Worlds (Bobiverse 3) Dennis E. Taylor No
Heaven’s River (Bobiverse 4) Dennis E. Taylor No
Space Force Jeremy Robinson Yes
Stan Lee’s Alliances: A New Reality Stan Lee Yes
Nameless: A Renegade Star Story J. N. Chaney Yes
Foundation Isaac Asimov No
Foundation and Empire Isaac Asimov No
Second Foundation Isaac Asimov No
Invasion (Alien Invasion #1) Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant Yes
Searching for Extraterrestrial Life (Great Courses) Sarah Rugheimer Yes
Collapsing Empire (Interdependency Book 1) John Scalzi No
Consuming Fire (Interdependency Book 2) John Scalzi No
Last Emperox (Interdependency Book 3) John Scalzi No
Old Man's War (Old Man's War Book 1) John Scalzi No
The Ghost Brigades (Old Man's War Book 2) John Scalzi No
The Last Colony (Old Man's War Book 3) John Scalzi No
Zoe’s Tale (Old Man's War Book 4) John Scalzi No
The Human Division (Old Man's War Book 5) John Scalzi No
The End of All Things (Old Man's War Book 6) John Scalzi No
Total   23

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