Adventure runs wild when renowned paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) agrees to accompany a wealthy adventurer (William H. Macy) and his wife (Tea Leoni) on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, InGen’s former breeding ground for prehistoric creatures. But when they’re terrifyingly stranded, Dr. Grant discovers that his hosts are not what they seem and the island’s native inhabitants are smarter, faster, fiercer and more brutal than he ever imagined in this heart-stomping thriller.

Reading List October 2021

Halloween is now over and the weather has decidedly turned to be colder. That means that it is now time to provide you with my reading list for last month, October 2021.

As you browse the list you might notice a theme, and that theme is that a number of the titles were related to Halloween in some manner, zombies, ghosts, and even some aliens.

Of the 24 titles that I listened to, 8 of them were first time listens, or approximately 33.3%, which is not too bad for new books.

If any of the titles pique your interest, be sure to click on the link to bring up the information for the book.

Disclaimer: The links below will provide a bit of a commission if you purchase anything.

Title Author First Listen
The Undead: Part I (The Undead #1) RR Haywood No
Zombie Fallout: Zero (Zombie Fallout #0) Mark Tufo Yes
Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout #1) Mark Tufo No
A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) Mark Tufo Yes
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson No
My Life as a White Trash Zombie (White Trash Zombie #1) Diana Rowland No
Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues (White Trash Zombie #2) Diana Rowland No
How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (White Trash Zombie #3) Diana Rowland No
If you’ve got it, haunt it (Haunted Vintage Mysteries #1) Rose Pressey No
All Dressed Up and No Place to Haunt (Haunted Vintage Mysteries #2) Rose Pressey No
Death Overdue (A Haunted Library Mystery #1) Allison Brook No
Read and Gone (A Haunted Library Mystery #2) Allison Brook Yes
The Beginning of the End (Apocalypse Z Book 1) Manel Loureiro/Translated by Pamela Carmell No
Dark Days (Apocalypse Z Book 2) Manel Loureiro/Translated by Pamela Carmell No
Wrath of the Justice (Apocolypse Z: Book 3) Manel Loureiro/Translated by Pamela Carmell No
Z.E.O: A Zombie’s Guide to Getting A(Head) in Business Scott Kenemore Yes
The Whistler John Grisham No
The Judge’s List John Grisham Yes
Life as We Knew It Susan Beth Pfeffer No
Four Lost Cities: A Secret History of the Urban Age Annalee Newitz Yes
History of Sugar (Great Courses) Kelley Deetz Yes
MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors Richard Hooker No
Proof: The Science of Booze Adam Rogers No
Discordia: An Audible Original Novella Max Barry Yes
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War Max Brooks No
Total   24

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