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Reading List for December 2021

2022 is now upon us, so that means it is time to provide the list of books that I read/listened to in December. I did not listen to a bunch of holiday-themed titles, only two, both of which I have listened to previously. I did listen to a total of 17 titles. 12 of the 17 were first time listens, or approximately 70.58%, which is more than two-thirds and the highest percentage of new listens in a single month so far.

Out of all of the items listened to, I would recommend "The Apollo Murders". It is a good murder mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, it's written by an actual astronaut.

If any of the titles pique your interest, be sure to click on the link to bring up the information for the book.

Disclaimer: The links below will provide a bit of a commission if you purchase anything.

Title Author First Listen
The American Civil War (Great Courses) Gary W. Gallagher Yes
Years that Changed History: 1215 (Great Courses) Dorsey Armstrong Yes
Hornet Flight Ken Follett No
10 Women Who Ruled the Renaissance (Great Courses) Mark Tufo Yes
The Great Escape Paul Brickhill No
Genesis Ken Lozito Yes
Pale Blue Mike Jenne Yes
Dusty’s Diary Bobby Adair Yes
Freedom’s Fire (Freedom’s Fire Book 1) Bobby Adair Yes
Freedom’s Fury (Freedom’s Fire Book 2) Bobby Adair Yes
Zero Day Code: A Novel of the End of days: a cyberwar apocalypse (Book 1) John Birmingham Yes
Fail State: A Novel of the End of days: a cyberwar apocalypse (Book 2) John Birmingham Yes
The Apollo Murders Chris Hadfield Yes
A Very Scalzi Christmas John Scalzi No
The Christmas Train David Baldacci No
Starship Grifters (Rex Nihilo Book 1) Robert Kroese No
Forerunner (AI Fleet Book 1) Isaac Hooke Yes
Total   17

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