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Reading List for June 2022

Cover for the Book

We are now officially half way through 2022, which is hard to believe. As I indicated last month, I did not listen to nearly as books as I did in May. The reason for this is that I am working on my next book about Apple's latest operating systems.

Even though I am working on that during most of my free time I still do have some opportunities to listen to audiobook. During June I listened to 13 books total, of which only one is new. That sole new book is the one I would like to highlight. The title is "Sparring Partners" by John Grisham:

Best-selling author John Grisham explores fascinating questions of justice and the law in these three novellas. In “Homecoming”, Jake Brigance (of A Time to Kill fame) makes the dicey choice to help a former colleague who absconded with a fortune. “Strawberry Moon” follows young death-row inmate Cody Wallace in his weighty final hours. And the title story introduces Diantha Bradshaw, the loyal associate charged with saving a failing family law firm from the feuding brothers tearing it apart. In each novella, the stakes aren’t just legal but intensely personal as well, with bonds of blood and friendship on the line. Whether he’s portraying the desperation behind Cody’s simple but heartrending final wish or forcing Diantha to examine the true cost of corruption, Grisham is a master of making legal and criminal issues feel intensely personal. Sparring Partners gives us a triple helping of Grisham at his best.

Sparring Partners was a good book, and given the there are three novellas it does not take super long to finish any of them, so you can listen to them in spurts.

I am not sure how many books I will listen to next month, but I suspect it may not be that many either.

Title Author First Listen Amazon Apple
Sparring Partners John Grisham Yes Amazon Apple
The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge Book 0) Ken Follett No Amazon Apple
Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge Book 1) Ken Follett No Amazon Apple
World Without End (Kingsbridge Book 2) Ken Follett No Amazon Apple
Exiled from Earth (Exiles Book 1) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
Flight of Exiles (Exiles Book 2) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
End of Exile (Exiles Book 3) Ben Bova No Amazon Apple
The Event (The Survivors Book 1) Nathan Hystad No Amazon Apple
New Threat (The Survivors Book 2) Nathan Hystad No Amazon Apple
New World (The Survivors Book 3) Nathan Hystad No Amazon Apple
Valhalla Rising (Dirk Pitt 16) Clive Cussler No Amazon Apple
Trojan Odyssey (Dirk Pitt 17) Clive Cussler No Amazon Apple
Black Wind (Dirk Pitt 18) Clive Cussler No Amazon Apple
Total   13    

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