Apple September Event Prediction Results

Apple’s September event was on Tuesday, and they announced a bunch o things. You can read about what they announced at this post. Prior to the event I made my predictions and let us look at how well I did with my predictions.

Three new phone models

I got this one correct, because Apple unveiled three new phones, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

New Apple Watch Bands

This prediction was correct because there are new watch bands.

Series 5 Apple Watch announced

We did get the Series 5 Apple Watch, including always on time.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus no longer being for sale

This was also coh3 rrect, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are no longer for sale from Apple.

Apple Tag being announced

I got this one wrong, no Apple Tag was announced.

Apple Arcade pricing announced

We did get the Apple Arcade announcement. It is coming September 19th, 2019.

Apple Watch Series 5 including sleep tracking

Nope, no sleep tracking with the Series 5.

New Apple TV 4K

As much as I would like one, there is no Apple TV announced.

Apple Arcade price of $4.99

I got this one correct. Apple Arcade is available on September 19th, 2019 and it will be $4.99 per month.

New Apple Watch Materials

There are new watch materials, Titanium, and Ceramic is back.

iPhone and iPhone Pro as the names

I got this one half wrong, because they are the iPhone and iPhone Pro, but it they are called the iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple TV Bundle with controller

I was wrong on this one, because no Apple TV was announced.

New Beats Wireless Headphones

Again, I am wrong, although I could really use a new pair of headphones.

Apple Tag price of $9.99 each

Wrong, Apple Tag was not announced.

New Beats charging over USB-C

No Beats announced, so I am wrong on this too.

New Apple Tag available in two colors

No Apple Tag, so not correct on this one either.

Closing Thoughts

My predictions started off well, but finished pretty poorly. I got a total of six out of sixteen, or 37.5% correct. This is really bad for me. Maybe I will do better next time.
Apple WWDC

My WWDC 2019 Predictions: Recap

WWDC 2019 has a whole ton of new features, you can read about all of those is my recap with what Apple announced. Instead with this post we will look at how I did with my predictions. Let us start with my tvOS predictions.

tvOS Predictions

tvOS only got a few updates, but they were ones that users had wanted.

tvOS – More game features — 85%
We did get some new game features, specifically game controller support for the Xbox One S controller and the Playstation DualShock 4 controller. This will be great for games on tvOS. These will also be supported on iOS and iPadOS. So I got this one correct.

tvOS – Save specific screensavers — 5%
We did not get any way to save a specific screensaver, but we did get more screensavers. So I missed on this one.

tvOS – Multiple User support — 5%
Shockingly, we did actually get multiple user support on tvOS. So I did get this one correct, even though I did not expect it.

For tvOS, I got 66% correct, because 2 out of 3 is not that bad. Let us move onto watchOS.

watchOS Predictions

watchOS – Standalone App Store — 85%
I did get this one correct with the inclusion of an App Store on the Watch, due to standalone apps coming.

watchOS – Now Playing complication for the Infograph Modular watch face — 30%
I do not know if we got the Now Playing complication or not, as I have not installed watchOS 6 on my Apple Watch. I am going to say we did not, so I did not get this one correct.

watchOS – New watch face — 95%
We did get a bunch of new watch faces. In fact, according to Apple there are more new watch faces than were in the original Apple Watch. So I got this one right.

Just like with tvOS, I got 2 out of 3 correct, again this is 66%. Let us now turn to macOS.

macOS Predictions

macOS 10.15 is a big update, not necessarily in terms of features, but in terms of what this all means.

macOS – iPad apps coming to the Mac — 95%
iPad apps are actually coming to the Mac, as long as a developer adds support for their apps on the Mac.

macOS – Screen Time on the Mac — 95%
Screen Time is coming to the Mac and this is a good thing for everyone to be able to get a full look at how you are spending time in front of screens.

macOS – Mac Pro Preview — 75%
We did get a preview of the Mac Pro that is coming in the fall. I was right on this one.

macOS – New Display Preview — 75%
Just like the Mac Pro, we did get a preview of the Pro Display HDR.

macOS – Named macOS Tahoe — 10%
I was wrong on the name for macOS 10.15. The name is macOS Catalina.

For macOS I got 4 out of 5 guesses correct, so 80%.

iOS Predictions

iOS – Elimination of support for A7-based devices — 95%
iOS 13 does remove support for A7 devices, so I got this one correct.

iOS – Additional Screen Time enhancements — 90%
We did not get any additional Screen Time enhancements, as far as I can tell. So I was wrong about this one.

iOS – Dark Mode on iOS — 90%
iOS 13 does include a Dark Mode, and looks fantastic.

iOS – Multiple Instances/Windows for apps — 75%
iPadOS 13 includes support that allows multiple windows from a single app. This will help people with productivity.

Services/Siri – Siri synchronization — 60%
We did not get synchronization of data with Siri. So I did not get this one correct.

iOS – Developer control of Screen Time — 50%
Developers do not have any control over Screen time, so I did not get this one right.

iOS – Additional Developer tools on iOS — 25%
There were no additional developer tools on iOS, so I missed on this one too.

iOS – Radically Different iPad Layout — 15%
The iPad on iPadOS 13 did get a significantly different layout. This does include Today Widgets being on the home screen and the ability. So I got this one correct.

iOS – Elimination of support for A8-based devices — 10%
I could TECHNICALLY say this was is correct, because the A8 Processor is not supported, but I did not get this right. You can install iPadOS 13 on the iPad Air 2, which has an A8X, not an A8.

iOS – Interface Builder on iPad — 5%
As much as I would have liked this, we did not get Interface Builder on the iPad.

For iOS, I got a total of 4 out of 10, so this brought down my average.


Out of 21 total predictions, I got 12 correct, or 57.14% correct. This is fewer predictions than I would have liked, but it is not easy to guess what Apple will do.


Apple Event Prediction Results

Last week Apple held air March 2019 event, at which they announced a bunch of different services, including Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV+. Before the event I made my predictions about what I thought Apple would announce. Let us see how I did.

Magazine Service – 100%
Apple unveiled Apple News+, which is a magazine subscription service that will cost $9.99 per month and includes 300 or so magazines for you to subscribe to.

Video Service – 100%
Apple unveiled their Video subscription service, Apple TV+. While they did not announce a release date, nor a price for the service, they did unveil it.

iOS 12.2 – 95%
Apple did release iOS 12.2 on Monday, with support for Apple News+, the AirPods and more.

macOS 14.4 – 95%
Just like iOS 12.2, macOS 14.4 was released on Monday with Apple News+ and support for the AirPods.

Magazine Service Pricing at $9.99 – 90%
Apple News+ is $9.99 per month, which includes Family Sharing.

Subscriptions to 3rd party video – 85%
Along with Apple TV+, Apple unveiled Apple TV Channels which are a way of subscribing to third-party channels, like HBO, ShowTime, and others.

The inclusion of newspapers – 80%
Apple News+ does include a three newspapers, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Toronto Star (Canada Only).

Texture iOS app going away – 50%
While this was not announced at the event, it was announced later in the week that Texture was going away. If you look at the Texture website, it will show that the Texture app is going away.

Texture Android versions remaining – 50%
As is the case with many of the multi-platform services that Apple acquires, the non-Apple platform version goes away. This is the case with the Texture service, although it seems odd given that Apple is pivoting towards services, and they are leaving out a rather large segment of the population. However, there was never a Texture app for windows, but Apple News is on macOS. It could be that the Android versions

Bundle of all Apple Services – 75%
There was was no bundle announced at the event. Maybe there will be in the fall.

Apple Services Bundle Price of $29.99 – 50%
Again, no bundle was announced, so I got this one wrong.

Apple TV Stick – 20%
There was no hardware announced at the event, so I go this one wrong too.

AirPower Mat – 1%
It was announced on Friday, by Matthew Panzarino of TechCrunch, that Apple has cancelled AirPower. So it is not likely that we will be seeing AirPower in the future.

Overall, out of 13, I got 9 predictions correct. That’s not bad, that means I got 69.23 percent correct, which seems to be better than most of my guesses for Apple events.


Apple “Gather Round” Prediction Results

Apple held their “Gather Round” event just last week and I made my predictions for the event. Let us look at how well I did.

Correct Predictions

  • New 5.8-inch iPhone model – iPhone XS
  • New larger OLED iPhone model – iPhone XS Max
  • New Apple Watch Model – Series 4
  • OS 12 release date being announced – Available Today
  • HomePod software update – Available Today
  • New 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model – iPhone XR
  • New Apple Watch being thinner – It is thinner
  • New Apple Watch bezels being smaller – The bezels are smaller
  • Apple Watch battery being the same – It is the same, 18 hours

Incorrect Predictions

  • New iPad Pros having Face ID, if iPads announced – No New iPads
  • New AirPods Case, if AirPower mat released – No AirPower Mat
  • New iPad Pros, having reduced bezels – No New iPads
  • AirPower Mat Released – No AirPower Mat
  • New iPad Pros Announced – No New iPads
  • New iPad Pros, being same physical size – No New iPads
  • New iPad Pros, having same screen size – No New iPads
  • New AirPods – Did not happen
  • New Macs – No New Macs

Overall my predictions were 50% correct. That is better than my WWDC predictions which were only 34.8% correct. Maybe I will do better next time, but this is an improvement. For the things that were not announced, the iPads, AirPods, and Macs, maybe there will be another event next month.

Apple Apple TV Apple Watch iPhone

Apple Fall 2017 Event Prediction Results

Apple’s Fall 2017 event was almost a week ago, so I thought it was time to go ahead and look at how well my predictions did.

Here is what I predicted plus the results. Overall I got 12 out of 22, so 54.5% correct. I guess that’s not too bad. If you add this and my WWDC predictions, I am at 51.35% for the year, not too bad. I think I was not too far off, particularly since these predictions were made before the leak of the Gold Master of iOS 11, which was the weekend before the announcement. Here are the predictions and the results.

Item Chance Result
iPhone 7s 95% Wrong – iPhone 8 not 7s.
iPhone 7s Plus 95% Wrong – iPhone 8 Plus not 7s Plus
iPhone 7s/Plus Same Price 95% Wrong – Prices went up
iPhone Pro 90% Wrong – Called the iPhone X, not Pro.
iPhone Pro Automatic Portrait Mode 25% Wrong – No such feature
iPHone Pro object detection 75% Partially Correct – Can detect faces only
iPhone Pro No Touch ID 90% Correct – Touch ID is gone
iPhone Pro Biometric ID 90% Correct – Face ID is used to unlock the phone
iPhone Pro 4K 60fps 50% Correct – Also on the iPhone 8/8 Plus
iPhone Pro wireless charging 50% Correct – Also on the iPhone 8/8 Plus
iPhone Pro Pricing 60% Partially Correct- only two models, $999 for 64GB and $1149 for 256GB
New Apple Watch 90% Correct
LTE Version of Apple Watch 90% Correct
Apple Watch Pricing 80% Wrong – pricing was only $70 more for LTE versions
New Apple Watch Bands 95% Correct – even mentioned on stage
New Apple TV 90% Correct
Amazon Prime Video app release date 100% Wrong – No release date given, just “Fall”
New Apple TV Pricing 75% Partially Correct – two models on Apple TV 4K, but 4th Generation is still around
HomePod pre-order announced 50% Wrong – no pre-order information
iOS 11 Release date, September 19th 100% Correct – it arrives tomorrow, September 19th
macOS High Sierra, September 19th 80% Wrong – Release date is September 25th not September 19th.
New Mac Mini 5% Wrong, since there is no Mac mini update