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Apple Fall 2017 Event Prediction Results

Apple’s Fall 2017 event was almost a week ago, so I thought it was time to go ahead and look at how well my predictions did.

Here is what I predicted plus the results. Overall I got 12 out of 22, so 54.5% correct. I guess that’s not too bad. If you add this and my WWDC predictions, I am at 51.35% for the year, not too bad. I think I was not too far off, particularly since these predictions were made before the leak of the Gold Master of iOS 11, which was the weekend before the announcement. Here are the predictions and the results.

Item Chance Result
iPhone 7s 95% Wrong – iPhone 8 not 7s.
iPhone 7s Plus 95% Wrong – iPhone 8 Plus not 7s Plus
iPhone 7s/Plus Same Price 95% Wrong – Prices went up
iPhone Pro 90% Wrong – Called the iPhone X, not Pro.
iPhone Pro Automatic Portrait Mode 25% Wrong – No such feature
iPHone Pro object detection 75% Partially Correct – Can detect faces only
iPhone Pro No Touch ID 90% Correct – Touch ID is gone
iPhone Pro Biometric ID 90% Correct – Face ID is used to unlock the phone
iPhone Pro 4K 60fps 50% Correct – Also on the iPhone 8/8 Plus
iPhone Pro wireless charging 50% Correct – Also on the iPhone 8/8 Plus
iPhone Pro Pricing 60% Partially Correct- only two models, $999 for 64GB and $1149 for 256GB
New Apple Watch 90% Correct
LTE Version of Apple Watch 90% Correct
Apple Watch Pricing 80% Wrong – pricing was only $70 more for LTE versions
New Apple Watch Bands 95% Correct – even mentioned on stage
New Apple TV 90% Correct
Amazon Prime Video app release date 100% Wrong – No release date given, just “Fall”
New Apple TV Pricing 75% Partially Correct – two models on Apple TV 4K, but 4th Generation is still around
HomePod pre-order announced 50% Wrong – no pre-order information
iOS 11 Release date, September 19th 100% Correct – it arrives tomorrow, September 19th
macOS High Sierra, September 19th 80% Wrong – Release date is September 25th not September 19th.
New Mac Mini 5% Wrong, since there is no Mac mini update