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Apple "Gather Round" Prediction Results


Apple held their "Gather Round" event just last week and I made my predictions for the event. Let us look at how well I did.

Correct Predictions

  • New 5.8-inch iPhone model - iPhone XS
  • New larger OLED iPhone model - iPhone XS Max
  • New Apple Watch Model - Series 4
  • OS 12 release date being announced - Available Today
  • HomePod software update - Available Today
  • New 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model - iPhone XR
  • New Apple Watch being thinner - It is thinner
  • New Apple Watch bezels being smaller - The bezels are smaller
  • Apple Watch battery being the same - It is the same, 18 hours

Incorrect Predictions

  • New iPad Pros having Face ID, if iPads announced - No New iPads
  • New AirPods Case, if AirPower mat released - No AirPower Mat
  • New iPad Pros, having reduced bezels - No New iPads
  • AirPower Mat Released - No AirPower Mat
  • New iPad Pros Announced - No New iPads
  • New iPad Pros, being same physical size - No New iPads
  • New iPad Pros, having same screen size - No New iPads
  • New AirPods - Did not happen
  • New Macs - No New Macs

Overall my predictions were 50% correct. That is better than my WWDC predictions which were only 34.8% correct. Maybe I will do better next time, but this is an improvement. For the things that were not announced, the iPads, AirPods, and Macs, maybe there will be another event next month.