Apple’s Battery Mess

One of the issues with today’s technology is that almost every device relies on a battery. Maybe there will be a giant leap in battery technology that makes them effectively obsolete. Unfortunately, it is not likely a giant leap will be found soon. Hence, we are stuck with modern battery technology. Most batteries in today’s […]

Upgrading to a new iPhone

From time to time people need to upgrade their devices. One of those times is shortly after Apple’s Fall Event, which is where we are now. When it comes to upgrade an iPhone, it can be somewhat straightforward, depending on what type of backup you have. There are two different backup possibilities. The two options […]

Apple’s Fall 2017 Event Round Up: Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone 8

Apple has held their annual Fall Event. The biggest aspect to any Fall event is the unveiling of new iPhones. This event does indeed include new iPhones. Apple’s fall event is the one that receives the most attention from not just technology media, but, more importantly, from those outside of the technology sphere. With that […]