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Snoopy’s Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS association is having people take the Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea is you dump a bucket of ice water over your head to raise awareness for ALS. If you accept the challenge you can nominate 3 others to take the challenge. They have 24 hours to accept the challenge.

Here is a video of Snoopy taking the Ice bucket challenge.

No, I will not take the challenge… not unless the temperature gets to be about 95 here.. then maybe…but highly unlikely.

E-books Purchasing Poll

Right now I’m working on my next two e-books and I’m wondering where people purchase their e-books from. So I have setup a poll to determine where the best place to sell the e-books would be. Please take part and let me know where you like to buy your e-books from. There are three questions total.

Where do you purchase e-books?

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What is the most you would pay for an e-book?

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Would you purchase an e-book directly from the author?

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wwrite 2.1.2 and wwriteFree 2.1.2

Both wwrite 2.1.2 and wwriteFree 2.1.2 have been released.

300 pixels by 300 pixels wwrite icon

wwrite 2.1.2 has a couple of minor changes. The new features include the addition of support via twitter and implementation of auto layout. The bug fixes include some text within the “About” section of the app. The full change log is here.


wwriteFree 2.1.2 has feature parity with wwrite 2.1.2. These items include iOS 7 features like Dynamic Text, support for retina iPads, 64-bit support, a new file format and more archive types. The full change log is here.

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