wwrite and wwriteLite 6.2.1 Now Available

There has been a minor update to both wwrite and wwriteLite. This update fixes a couple of minor issues with the proper labels when running wwrite or wwriteLite on the M1 Macs. These updates are now available and are free updates for existing users.

You can purchase wwrite for $0.99 or you can get wwriteLite for free, but it is ad-supported with first-party ads. As always, if there are any issues let me know.

wwrite and wwriteLite 6.2.0 Now Available

I have released versions 6.2 for my apps, wwrite and wwriteLite. This new version adds support for macOS Big Sur for Macs running Apple Silicon.

The apps when running on macOS Big Sur on an Apple Silicon machine, you will get all of the same features as on iOS, with a couple of exceptions. There are no app icons that can be purchased, due to limitations on macOS Big Sur. You still do get the following:

  • Distraction Mode
  • Templates
  • Drag and Drop
  • Importing files
  • Archiving of files

Both of the updates are free for existing users. If you do not own wwrite, you can purchase it for $0.99. You can also download wwriteLite for free from the App Store.

wwrite 6.0 and wwriteLite 6.0 Now Available

With the release of iOS 14 today, there are new versions of my iOS apps, wwrite and wwriteLite. Both of the apps have the same set of changes:

New Features

  • Requires iOS 14.
  • New free Icons “Halo” and “Sketch”.
  • New icon set “Space” (In-App Purchase). This icon pack is $0.99, or the equivalent in your country.
  • New menus for “New File”, “Tools”, and “Archives”.
  • New Screens for FAQs and ChangeLog.


  • Updated Template Color Picker to use built-in color picker in iOS 14.

Both of these are free updates and are available now. If you experience any issues with the updates, definitely let me know by going to Tools -> Support and contact me via email or Twitter.

wwrite 5.3.1 and wwriteLite 5.3.1 Now Available

There is a minor update to both wwrite and wwriteLite. There is only one tweak which is to the Feature Request screen. The entire screen has been reworked to accommodate smaller screens and the submit button is now at the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

As always these are free updates for existing users.

wwrite 5.3.0 and wwriteLite 5.3.0 Now Available

I have released new versions of wwrite and wwriteLite. These are a minor update that provides a few new features and some tweaks. The biggest changes are the new Sentiment icon and the ability to show only Family-Friendly ads.

New Features

  • Added Sentiment option which shows how positive your text is. 0 – 33 is negative, 33 to 66 is neutral, and 66 to 100 is positive.
  • There is a new option to only show “Family Friendly” ads. This is available by going to Tools -> Settings -> Family Friendly Ads. (wwriteLite only)
  • The Paragraph count of the current file is now in the “Info” panel.
  • Want a new feature? Use the new “Feature Request” option available under Tools -> Support. This is entirely anonymous with no email necessary.


  • Added additional debug information. Debug information will now be sent to support when you send an email.
  • Added error logs, which will be included with any email to support.