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wwrite 4.2.2 and wwriteLite 4.2.2 Now Available

There is a minor update available for my apps, wwrite and wwriteLite. This update fixes a situation where the app may have crashed when you clicked on the “Support via Twitter” button.

If you have any issues, bug reports, or any other feedback, be sure to get a hold of me on twitter @waynesworkshop, or through the app.


wwrite 4.2.0 and wwriteLite 4.2.0 are now available

New versions of my two apps, wwrite and wwriteLite have been released. There are some big changes with these versions.

wwriteLite now requires iOS 12.2, but with this requirement you get some new features, and who does not like new features. The biggest of these is a New “Distraction Free Mode” on the iPad. Distraction Free Mod” removes the file list and status bar, which will allow you to focus on just your writing and not worry about everything else. While you are feverishly typing, if you do need to save, you can do so with the new “File Info” panel. This panel will allow you to rename your file, see your character and word count, change the template for the file, or even turn off Distraction Free Mode should you need to focus less on your writing. 

The File Info panel is available when you are using the normal typing mode. If you are a keyboard warrior, you can also use the key combination of command + I to bring up the panel.

Sometimes you create a template and realize that you no longer need the template, you can now delete a template. When you do this if any files are using the template, the file will be changed to not use a template.

While navigating throughout the app you may notice that there is a bit more consistency with how things are managed, this was intentional and makes it easier to find what you are looking for. For instance, all of the “Template” options are available in the “Customize Templates” screen. The same goes for Archives, you can create, email, and delete an archive all from the Archives screen.

There were a couple of bugs fixed in this release too. The first is when you were choosing your favorite app icon the application was crash. This was definitely not intended behavior, so that has been fixed. Some links and ad parameters were not able to be updated without an app update, this has been fixed as well. Regarding ad parameters, these were not updating properly at launch, this has been rectified. The last fix which you will not see is with localization. This has been completely re-worked so any future localizations will be easier.

There are more changes than just that though. I have moved the entire website to its own domain, which has all of the information on it. That domain is

If you already have wwrite or wwriteLite, you can update for free. wwriteLite is the free ad-based version of wwrite. Both are available in the App Store now.

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wwrite and wwriteLite 4.1.4

I have released a series of bug fixes for wwrite and wwriteLite that surround the 11-inch iPad Pro and 3rd Generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro. But there was one change that I made with the latest version, 4.1.4.

I have removed the option to “Always Hide File List”. This has been replaced by a way to always show or hide the file list by tapping on the left button on the text view. The updates, like usual, are free updates and they are available now.

As usual, if you have any problems or feature requests contact me via twitter @waynesworkshop or by going to “Tools” -> “Contact Support” within either of the apps.

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wwrite and wwriteLite 4.1.0

wwrite and wwriteLite 4.1.0 have been released. These are minor updates that includes the following features:

  • Support for the 11-inch iPad Pro, and 3rd Generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • New Haptic options. You can adjust the options by going to Tools -> App Settings.

The haptic options you have are for:

  • Saving a file
  • Creating a file
  • Emailing a file
  • Creating an archive
  • Switching app icons
  • Locking and unlocking files

wwrite and wwriteLite 4.1.0 are available as free updates.

If there are any feature requests please let me know by email or via @waynesworkshop on Twitter.


Introducing wwrite 4.0 and wwriteLite 4.0.

When the iPad was announced in March 2010, I immediately had an idea for an app. As most apps tend to, it comes from the developer’s personal need for the app. In my case it was a note-taking app; specifically one that would allow you to use templates. Hence the creation of wwrite. In the first four years of the app, there were 11 releases; 1.0 to 2.1.3. If you have been following along with the site for a while, you may have noticed that my apps went on an unintentional hiatus from June of 2014 to May of 2017. Since May of 2017 there have been 4 releases, and now there is a fifth. In the entire history of the app there have been many changes, but the latest is the largest in history.

The biggest change that most people will notice is the icon. The icon has been completely redesigned, but it still hints at the original. If you do not like the new icon, do not fret, you can switch back the old icons. Along with the two icons there are also 13 additional colors to choose from. To coincide with the colors, the color on the controls will also change to a corresponding color. In some cases they are the exact same, in others they may be a different shade.

The other thing that users may notice is that the name of “wwriteFree” has been changed to “wwriteLite”. Even though the name has been changed, do not fret, it still has feature parity with wwrite. As with all past past updates, these are free updates for all users.

You can download wwrite or wwriteLite on the App Store.

wwrite 4.0 and wwriteLite 4.0 are significant updates and they include the following:

New Features
– All new icons.
– Added new “Auto Save” options, under “App Settings” that will automatically save your files. This is enabled on a file-by-file basis by swiping from right to left.
– Added Handoff between devices for files. The files in their current state are copied over to the receiving device.
– Added a “Review” button in the “About” screen.
– You can now choose your preferred App Icon. Also accessible by using the key combination command-i.

Locking files
– In order to lock any files you must have Face ID or Touch ID authentication enabled. This is available on a file-by-file basis and is enabled by swiping from the left on the file.
– You will be prompted to authenticate when opening a locked file, including after switching apps.
– Locked files cannot be handed off.
– Locked files cannot be deleted. You have to unlock in order to allow deletion.
– Locked files will not work with Drag & Drop.

– Requires iOS 12.
– Added Save Button to be shown all the time on all devices.
– Date and time formats now match the user’s chosen locale.
– Email Archives is now just “Archives”, with the ability to delete archives from the screen.
– Selected file now has a prominent border to be able to easily distinguish it.

Keyboard combinations
– Modified the “New From Template” keyboard shortcut (command-shift-n), to only be available when user has at least one template configured.
– Added command-e keyboard shortcut to email file.
– Added command-p key combination to print the current file.
– Added command-s key combination to save template when customizing it.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed FAQs button not working.
– Fixed issue with last file not always being loaded.
– Fixed bug if you were emailing archives, choosing a template to customize, or customizing a templates, minimized the app there was nothing you could do other than close the app.
– Fixed layout issue when customizing templates in landscape on an iPhone.
– Update zipping library to latest version.