Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down 09/08/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • T-mobile USA is launching a promotion called ‘Kids are Free’.
  • Amazon has acquired Music Service Amie Street.
  • Volcanoes on Extra-Terrestrial planets may be detectable.
  • Here is the text transcript of Chicago’s Mayor Richard Daley on not re-running for election.
  • A 70-foot section of the World Trade Center has been installed as part of a memorial planned for opening next September.
  • A 12-year old Killer Whale has died at Sea World.
  • Dell is going to cease offering Windows XP This month.
  • 80 years ago, in 1930, Scotch Tape begun sticking.
  • Google has announced Google Instant Search.
  • iOS 4.1 is now live.
  • Brain Scientists have discovered a tiny traffic cop.
  • Michael J. Fox, a huge proponent of stem cell research is putting his weight behind a push to continue stem cell research.
  • is no-more.
  • A Humpback Dinosaur has surprised experts.
  • European Parliament has all but rejected the ACTA treaty.
  • General Motors is going to integrate Facebook with OnStar.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If an important story has been missed please leave it in the comments.

Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down: 02-19-2010

Here is Today’s Daily RUn Down.

  • App;e has updated mobile me for the iPhone OS, including iPad.
  • Adobe’s download manager is installing software without consent.
  • FBI is probing the webcam spy case.
  • Billy Joel and Elton John have canceled their summer tour dates.
  • The Chicago Bears will be raising ticket prices for the 2010-2011 season.
  • US Intelligence agencies would like to have a super-sensitive Human lie-detector.
  • A Lost World War II era Nuke project has been found in a Dutch Scrapyard.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that a rootkit is causing the Windows XP blue screens.
  • There is an online drive to elect Singer John Mellencamp to the US Senate.
  • A suspect in the recent shooting at Northern Illinois University.
  • The US Mint is redesigning the Penny.
  • Copernicus, the famous heliocentrist, was born today 537 years ago today.

Look for more stories tomorrow.