Sphero Droids

It is not often that an ad actually shows what a product can do, which is a sad thing to say in today’s modern world. But this Sphero commercial actually does. The Sphero droids are a fun toy, if you have the means to buy one.

Story Behind the Iconic Steve Jobs Picture

There are those photos that when you see them, you can tell they are just iconic. These could photos that you take, or ones that others have taken. There is an iconic photo that has become the de facto photo of Steve Jobs. Here is a short video (2 minutes and 15 seconds) about the photo from the photographer, Albert Watson.

Summer Weather in Chicagoland

The midwest during the summer is known for a few things: Heat, Humidity, and storms. The latter being the topic of this post.

The Chicagoland area does get intense storms from time to time, including the occasional tornado. Luckily, we do not get tornadoes that often. However, we did get a rather nice storm today.

It started off like this:

As one might expect, it started to rain and continued to rain and rain. It created some hail, as one might come to expect. I just didn’t expect it to be this size of hail.

And then even larger hail came by.

Here is a photo of all of the various sizes of hail that we received today.

Along side these, here are a couple of videos. mistakenly, my iPhone wasn’t set to record in 4K, so these are at most, 1080p.

And to complete the entire circle of Chicagoland Summer weather, this was a half hour later. This is just how summer in Chicagoland can be.