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Brexit Briefly Explained

If you have been following world news at all over the last two and half years, you have likely heard about the referendum that the United Kingdom voted for in 2016 to leave the European Union. Even though it has been a big news story it may not be easy to understand. Thankfully, there is a video by CGP Grey to explain the issue with why an agreement cannot be made easily.

There is also a footnote video that adds a bit more information. Both of the videos are worth watching to learn a bit about the struggles that the United Kingdom is having.

Above NYC

I saw a video in my twitter timeline that claimed as “The crispest video I’ve ever seen” by MKBHD, this tweet to be exact.

After looking at the actual video, it does not look real. It looks like something you would see at a video game, or one of Apple’s overhead screensavers on the Apple TV. The video is about 3 and half minutes, and it is well worth the view.

The video was shot in 12K, uploaded at 8K, and if you have a 4K TV, try and view it on there. Personally, I would like to see one over London.