Daily Run Down 06/15/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source General News Will US arms fix Syrian problem A Modern Immigrant Finds the Spotlight Two Boston Parking Spots Sell for $560000 at Auction – WTF? International To avoid crime Venezuelans run together For those fleeing N. Korea new problems on obscure escape route through Laos NSA […]

Daily Run Down 06/14/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Recalls Lipari Foods Recalls Sunflower Seeds and Snack Mixes Because of Possible Health Risk General News Growing Bipartisan Support for ConnectED Newtown marks 6 months since school massacre Politics Encrypted e-mail How much annoyance will you tolerate to keep the NSA away Bits Blog Secret Surveillance […]

Daily Run Down 10/18/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Clinton Meets With New Libyan Leaders in Tripoli People rescued from Philly basement speak Ominous Signs: Track Conditions Questioned Before Wheldon’s Death CLASSIC: We Invented It For You and Everything! Verizon Officially Unveils The World’s Thinnest Smartphone: The Motorola Droid RAZR What Will It Take For International E-Book Markets […]