Daily Run Down 06/04/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. General Motors is planning to form a technology venture form. Kellog will be dropping the ‘healthy claims’ on Rice Krispies. Hints have been found on Saturn’s Moon Titan. The State of Kentucky has rolled out Microsoft’s Live@edu service to 700,000 students and faculty. Google is now going to hand […]

Daily Run Down: 04-01-2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Scientists have found a link between aging and immunity. Microsoft is reportedly going to launch Office 2010 on May 12th in New York. Andy Ihnatko has a great review of the iPad. A Judge has found the NSA wiretapping program to be illegal. When ants go from rural beings […]

Daily Run Down: 01-15-2010

Here is Today’s Daily Run Down. The Whitehouse has a good, albeit brief, article about Banks not being ‘able’ to payback the money they’ve borrowed. The texting of donations for Haiti has raised $10 million. A tower-switch off has embarrassed some electrosensitives in South Africa. The RIAA claims that the ISPs need to be copyright […]

Kindle 2 Review

Amazon released the Kindle on February 24th, of which I received yesterday, the 24th. Not having the first Kindle I thought I’d go ahead and buy the second one to see what changes Amazon had made from the first version. The Kindle 2 is an interesting device. The Kindle 2 is an e-book reader that […]

Westinghouse LN2610 Review

I purchased a 26″ (25.5″ viewable) Westinghouse, model L2610NW from Buy.com for $249.99 with free shipping. The monitor itself isn’t too bad, it works, but there are definitely some issues with it. The biggest issue I have with the monitor is that it seems as though it was very cheaply made. When you turn the […]