Daily Run Down 09/08/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • T-mobile has officially announced the G2.
  • Fidel Castro has informed reporters that Communism doesn’t work.
  • B vitamins have been found to slow the progression of dimentia.
  • The spotted owl is set to receive a revised recovery plan.
  • Google Voice widgets for Android are now official.
  • Apple has relaxed on it’s iOS development restrictions.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a sex-offender law.
  • A 5-Minute Scan can reveal a brain’s maturity.
  • The sony Playstation brand is now 15-years-old.
  • Mars is hinting at an active past that involved water.
  • Early Warning signs could show impending extinction.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If an important story has been missed please leave it in the comments.