In this final chapter, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) obtains a 70-year-old message from the time-traveling Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd), in which he informs Marty that he has retired to a small town in the Old West. Marty then finds out that the Doc was murdered shortly after sending the letter. In order to save his friend, Marty will have to travel back in time, disentangle a lovestruck Doc from a local schoolmarm, and repair the DeLorean — all while avoiding a posse of gunslingers.

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  • Apple’s “Peek Performance” Event Predictions

    Apple’s “Peek Performance” Event Predictions

    With Apple’s “Peek Performance” event on Tuesday that means it is time that I make my predictions for what we will see.

    iPhone SE

    Apple has been releasing a new iPhone SE model in the spring since it was first introduced. The first generation was released on March 31st, 2016 and the second generation was released on April 24th, 2020.

    One might think that it would be another two years before Apple introduces a new iPhone SE, however I do not think that is the case. I think Apple wants to get as any iPhone 5G capable phones in the hands of people. The iPhone SE is one of only two remaining models that Apple sells, themselves, that are not 5G capable. The other model that is not 5G capable is the iPhone 11.

    I guess that the third-generation iPhone SE will have 5G, an A15 chip and will still have Touch ID. I could actually see the home button going away and being replaced with a Touch ID sensor in the power button.

    iPad Air

    The iPad Air was last updated the iPad Air in September of 2020. I suspect that there will be an update to the iPad Air. I do not suspect the form factor to change, just the internals.

    The biggest changes I see with be the addition of 5G and an A15 processor. The last possible change might be in the base amount storage going up from 64GB to 128GB.

    Mac mini

    I think Apple will also release the higher-end Mac mini. I do not think this will be much of a change from the existing M1 Mac mini, except for the color, Space Gray instead of Silver, and it will have an option for an M1 Pro or M1 Pro Max and additional storage configuration options. The available options would be the same ones that are available on the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, meaning up to 64GB of Memory and up to 8TB of storage.

    Classical Music app

    The last thing that I think Apple might announce is the release of a classical music streaming app. Back in August Apple ( announced that they acquired the Primephonic streaming service. At the time, Apple stated that the Primephonic app would stop working on September 7th, and quote

    “Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app next year combining Primephonic’s classical user interface that fans have grown to love with more added features”

    It is possible that Apple will announce a release date for the revamped Primephonic app. I do not think this will be integrated into Music, but will be an entirely separate app.

    Prediction Recap

    • New iPhone SE with 5G
    • New iPhone SE still has Touch ID.
    • New iPad Air with A15
    • New iPd Air with 5G connectivity
    • New Mac mini with M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max
    • Announce release of revamped Primephonic app

    The “Peek Performance” event will begin streaming from Apple Park at 10a.m. Pacific time on Tuesday, March 8th. You can stream it on the Apple Events page.

    As has been the case with previous events, I will post a recap sometime after the event. I will also post the results of my predictions to see how well I did.

  • Apple ‘Unleased’ Event Predictions

    Apple ‘Unleased’ Event Predictions

    While it is quite common, it is not 100% certain that Apple will hold an October event. However, they tend to hole one more often than not. Since 2008 they have held an October event every year except for 2009, 2010,  2015, and 2017. So, 69.2% of the time they do hold an October event.

    September is generally reserved for iPhones, the is particular true for 2012 going forward. The October 2011 event was when they introduced the iPhone 4s, but the fact that the iPhone was not going to be available in June was announced in June of that year, at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference. 

    The October event can usually include updates on the iPad and the Mac. Last year was an anomaly due to everything related to COVID. Apple had three fall events last year, the September event was iPads, October’s event focused on the iPhone, and the November event was the introduction of the first Apple Silicon Macs. 

    Since we have already had the iPhone and iPad event, this event will likely focus on Macs. We have already seen some Macs with Apple Silicon. These are the 24-inch iMac, 13-inch MacBook Air, lower-end 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini. I think that this event will focus on Macs and there will be some Macs announced. Here are my predictions for the event, starting with the Higher-End MacBook Pro.

    Higher-end MacBook Pro

    Prior to Apple Silicon there was no simple differentiation that you could point to say one device is considered more of a “pro” machine. However, I think there will be a 14-inch MacBook Pro as that will be the higher-end MacBook Pro. Along with this I think there will be a replacement for the 16-inch MacBook Pro. I think that both of these models will be aimed at professionals.

    14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros

    The most professional MacBook Pro that Apple has is the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is designed to be the best machine that Apple has to offer and also provide the greatest flexibility. If you were to get a laptop that could be a desktop replacement  the you get a 16-inch MacBook Pro.

    As an example, you can configure up to 8TB of storage and up to 64GB of memory. With the 16-inch MacBook Pro you can do just about everything. I think that this will continue to be the case. However, even though the 16-inch MacBook Pro is the highest of the high end, it is not always the most portable. Because of this, I think there will be a smaller 14-inch model.

    I do not think that the two models will have many differences, excluding battery, screen, and weight differences. There are many rumors about what might be in these higher-end MacBook Pros.

    The most notable of these rumors if the return of some ports, like an HDMI and an SD Card slot. I am not sure if we will actually see both of these. I could see the HDMI making a return, or even the SD Card slot. This would make the devices more similar to what many consider the “best” MacBook Pros, the models introduced before the butterfly keyboard.

    I do not think the MacBook Pros are the only Macs to be introduced. I think there will also be a higher-end Mac mini.

    Higher-end Mac mini

    When Apple introduced the first devices with the Apple Silicon chip called the M1, the included the lower-end Mac mini. Even when they introduced the M1 Mac mini they kept the Intel version in the line up. If they were looking to have only model of Mac mini they would have removed the Intel version. Since they have not, I think as though there is still a newer Mac mini model left to be introduced. 

    I think it will use the same processor as the MacBook Pros. I think this Mac mini will have two additional USB-C/Thunderbolt 4 ports, bringing the total to four. If the MacBook Pros have an SD Card slot, my guess is the Mac mini will as well.

    Macs require an operating system to run and that operating system will be macOS Monterey.

    macOS Monterey

    Given that this is likely to be a Mac-focused event, I think that Apple will announce the date for macOS Monterey at this event. It is already halfway through October and it is likely that macOS Monterey will be released later this month. Possibly on the 20th, 26th, or 27th. It is possible that macOS Monterey will not be released until November as well, given that macOS Big Sur was not released until November 12th. 

    There is one last possibility of a topic and that would be the AirPods.


    It is possible that we might see some new AirPods being released, if they are ready and available in enough quantities. I would not be surprised if Apple wanted to have them out last month with the new line of iPhone 13s but they may not have been ready yet. 

    If they do introduced these, I think these will be more in the style of the AirPods Pro, but not have the noise cancelling features nor the silicone tips that insert into the ear canal. Instead, I think these will be like the second-generation AirPods and have less of a stem on each individual AirPod.

    Prediction Recap

    Here is a recap of what I think we will see at the “Unleashed” event.

    New 14-inch MacBook Pro
    New 16-inch MacBook Pro
    New higher-end Mac mini
    New AirPods
    macOS Monterey release date

    Overall I think

    Apple’s “Unleashed” event streams on Monday, October 18th, 2021 at 10am pacific time. As always, I will have a recap of what was announced as well as a prediction results post later in the week.

  • Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ E4vent Predictions

    Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ E4vent Predictions

    With each Apple event, I make some predictions of what I think will be shown at the event. The ‘California Streaming’ event is no exception. Normally I provide a percentage likelihood of a prediction coming true. I am not going to do that this time. It will just be the prediction itself. On that note, here is what I think we will see announced at the event.

    Four New iPhones

    I think that we will see the next set of iPhones be announced, specifically four new iPhones. These will be the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, just like last year’s iPhone.

    I think the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will have a higher refresh-rate. The iPad Pro models have ProMotion, and I am thinking that the Pro iPhones will get it this year.

    No Macs

    Apple announced the transition to Apple Silicon at their World Wide Developer Conference in 2020. In November of 2020 the first set of devices were announced, the 13-inch MacBook Air, the two-port 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini. In April of this year Apple announced the 24-inch iMac with Apple Silicon.

    Even though it would be a good time to release new Macs, I do not think we will see any announced at this event.

    Refreshed iPads

    I think we will see two new iPads, the standard 10.2-inch iPad, and the iPad mini. There are indications that the 10.2-inch iPad is running low on inventory, which could indicate that there is a new version imminently.

    The iPad mini has not been revised in nearly 2 1/2 years. It is likely time that we will see a new iPad mini, possibly with a design that mimics the iPad Pro line, with squared off edges, Face ID, and even possibly USB-C. Checking the Apple Store, there does not seem to be any issues with inventory on this model, but it probably sells fewer units than other models.

    Apple Watch

    I think we will see the Series 7 Apple Watch. I suspect it will be a slight improvement over the Series 6, with two slightly larger sizes, 41mm and 45mm. This would be a 1mm increase over the previous models. Outside of this, I do not think there will be any new sensors, just a faster processor and a new design.

    Prediction Recap

    I think the ‘California Streaming’ event will be a bit more subdued. While there will be new hardware, I think it will fall more onto a smaller set of upgrades. Here is a recap of what I predicted.

    Four new iPhones, same models as last year.
    Higher Refresh Rate on ‘Pro’ models
    No New Macs
    Refreshed 10.2-inch iPad
    Refreshed iPad mini
    New Apple Watch with new design
    New Apple Watch with new case sizes

    As is the case with other events, I will have a full recap post on what Apple announces after the event.

  • Apple “Spring Loaded” Event Predictions

    Apple “Spring Loaded” Event Predictions

    Apple announced its “Spring Loaded” last week, and as is the case with each of Apple’s events, I have a set of predictions. For this event, I only have a few predictions.

    Air Tags

    Throughout many of the betas of various versions of iOS, there have been indications of a product called “Air Tags”. The indications show that Air Tags are beacons that can be attached to various items so that should they be lost, and someone comes across it, their iPhone can provide the last location.

    I give this a 50% chance of occurring. If Apple does not announce it with this event, I suspect that they will never announce them.

    Apple TV

    The Apple TV box is in desperate need of an update. The last release was in September of 2017, which was 3 1/2 years ago. In that time, there have been no revisions to the product. I suspect that Apple will release a new Apple TV. The rumors indicate that this would support 120Hz televisions.

    I give the possibility of this happening at 75%.

    iPad Pros

    The last significant update to the iPad Pros was in 2018. While there was an update to the iPad Pro in 2020, it was a minor update to the A12Z, which supported LiDAR in the camera. Outside of these two changes, there were no other changes.

    I think Apple will release a new set of iPad Pros, a replacement 11-inch as well as a replacement 12.9-inch model. I think one of them, the 12.9-inch model specifically, will have a different type of display, possibly a mini-led.

    Apple Watch Bands

    Each season Apple likes to release new Watch Bands. I think these will be briefly discussed, or possibly just shown off in just a few minutes of the presentation. I give this a 90% chance of occurring.

    New Macs

    Last November Apple unveiled new Mac running Apple Silicon. At the time there were three devices released, the MacBook Air, the lower-end 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the Mac mini. Approximately six months after the release of those devices is a good time to release the next device.

    I think there will be another Mac with an M1 released, the 21.5-inch iMac. I suspect this because the 21.5-inch model would likely run the M1, same as the current devices running the M1. I give this a 50% chance of occurring.

    There is the rumor that Apple will provide some new colors to the iMacs. While I think this would be a nice change from having the standard gray and space gray, I am not sure Apple would do this, even though it would be very reminiscent of the iMac G3. I give this a 10% chance of actually being announced.

    Predictions Recap

    Here is a re-cap of my predictions. There are not that many for this event.

    Prediction % Chance
    New Watch Bands 90%
    New iPad Pros 90%
    New Apple TV Box 75%
    12.9-inch iPad Pro New Screen Type 60%
    New 21.5-inch iMac 50%
    AirTags Announced 50%
    New iMacs in colors 10%

    The event begins at 10 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 20th. I will post a recap of what was announced after the event.

  • Apple’s “One more thing” Event Predictions

    Apple’s “One more thing” Event Predictions

    On Tuesday, November 10th, Apple is holding their “One more thing” event. This event will be streamed, just as was the case with the previous two events, “Hi, Speed” and “Time Flies” events. Each of the previous events have focused on a small number of things. I think the same will happen in this event.

    I think there will be two items covered in this event, Macs, and macOS Big Sur. Here is what I think we will see.


    The first thing I think we will see is the first Macs that are running Apple Silicon. Apple has stated that they will be releasing Macs running Apple Silicon before the end of the year. We are quickly approaching the end of the year and it is not likely that Apple will have a December event, but stranger things have happened.

    The big question is which Macs will be the first Macs with Apple Silicon. I think we will see a laptop and a desktop. The question is which ones. I think we will see a MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. The new MacBook Air will replace the existing ones. I do not think the existing models will continue to be available, at least not directly from Apple.

    I also think we will see a bunch of comparisons between the “current” Macs and the new Apple Silicon ones. In particular, I think this will be with professional apps to show that these the new Apple Silicon Macs are no slouches when it comes to performance. Furthermore, I also think we will see some iOS apps running on these machines and how all of iOS apps as well as native macOS apps work seamlessly together.

    The MacBook Air is the one that makes the most sense, as it is the entry level model and it is the one that most users would be happy to use. Along with this, I think we will be informed of when we will be able to order these, which I think may be later in November and they will begin shipping in early December.

    Big Sur

    Apple Silicon Macs will require macOS 11 Big Sur. I think we will see an Apple Silicon-specific feature that has not been revealed yet. There are no rumors of this, but it is just a hunch I have. I do think we will get a release date for macOS Big Sur, and I think it will be the following day, November 11th. I think this for few reasons.

    The first, is provides a big of a buffer between the release of the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A lot of people will upgrade soon after its release. The second reason for this is the date. macOS Big Sur is version 11.0. It would be symbolic for Apple to release version 11 of macOS on 11/11/2020. The third reason that I think this is that iOS 14 was released the day after the announcement, therefore it might stand to reason that macOS Big Sur will follow the same pattern.

    Predictions Recap

    Here are my actual predictions for what I think we will see.

    • New Macs running Apple Silicon – 100%
    • macOS Big Sur release date – 100%
    • Craig Federighi showing off macOS Big Sur – 95%
    • Demos of iOS apps and macOS apps working together – 95%
    • New MacBook Air with Apple Silicon – 90%
    • macOS Big Sur released on 11/11 – 75%

    Closing Thoughts

    I don’t think that we will see any other products with this announcement. I think Macs running Apple Silicon is too much of a big deal to share the stage with anything other than macOS Big Sur, which is needed to power the Macs.

    You can learn all about macOS Big Sur by pre-ordering the e-book from Apple or Amazon for $3.99 each. There will be paperbacks available soon after macOS Big Sur is released and the e-books will be released the same day that macOS Big Sur is available.

  • Apple “Hi, Speed” Event Predictions

    Apple “Hi, Speed” Event Predictions

    As I posted last week, Apple is holding another virtual event on Tuesday, October 13th at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. The iPhone announcements are the most anticipated each year. Even though Apple is attempting to get have a larger portion of its revenues from services, the lion’s share of revenue is still from hardware, specifically the iPhone. Here is what I think we will see at the October 13th, event. I am going to do something a bit different this time. Instead of giving my likelihoods throughout the post, I will just provide a recap at the end.


    I think there will be four iPhones, and iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Here is what I think each will break down to.

    iPhone 12 mini

    This will be the rumored a 5.4-inch model but it will not be available for pre-order until later. It’ll come in the same sizes as the iPhone 11, meaning 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants. I think we will see a different color for these models as compared to last year. The big question for this is the pricing, and I am going to agree with the rumors of $699 as the starting price, with $749 for the 128GB, and $799 for the 256GB model.

    iPhone 12

    The iPhone 12 will likely replace the existing iPhone 11 and being in the same sizes and colors and the iPhone 12 Mini. I think the pre-orders will be on October 16th, and available the following week. I think the pricing may increase a bit to $749 instead of the current $699 for the iPhone 11. I am guessing the screen size on this model will be 6.1-inches, just like the current iPhone 11.

    iPhone 12 Pro

    I think the iPhone 12 Pro will be similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, in that it starts at $999, comes in four colors, with the Midnight Green model being replaced with a dark metallic blue similar to the other iPhone 11 colors. Just like the iPhone 12, I think this model will be available for pre-order on the 16th and available the following week. One change that I think will happen with this model is that the base storage will increase to 128GB, up from 64GB with the iPhone 11 Pro. I predict that the screen size will be 6.1 inches on this model. I think the iPhone 12 Pro will have LiDAR capabilities. It seems odd to have it only on the iPad Pro, but having it on the iPhone Pro lineup is likely.

    iPhone 12 Pro Max

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max will be a behemoth at a whopping 6.7-inch screen, which is slightly bigger than the 6.5-inch screen the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I think the storage sizes will be the same as the iPhone 12 Pro at 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB with the pricing being the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max at $1099, $1249, and $1449 respectively. As with the other models, I think this will have 5G capabilities. I also think this will be later than the other models and not available for pre-order until November with a ship date of one week after pre-orders. Just like the iPhone 12 Pro, I think it will include a LiDAR sensor.

    iPhone Probabilities

    I am giving the probability of Apple announcing four new phone models at 100%. I give the probability of all models having 5G at 90%. I am giving screen size probabilities at 100%, if all four are announced. I am predicting that the Midnight Green on the iPhone Pro line will be replaced with a Blue, the same shade as the Blue Series 6 Apple Watch. I am giving the new color a 95% chance of happening.

    HomePod mini

    There have been rumors sailing around for a while indicating that Apple has been working on a new smaller HomePod. I think we will finally see this at the October event. I think this will be a somewhat competitive price for the HomePod. The current large HomePod costs $299. I think Apple is going to be aggressive with this and have this at $99. I think this is for a couple of reasons. First, $99 is a lot easier for many to justify. Secondly, the $99 price point will make it quite easy to add another HomePod mini to create a stereo pair.

    I am guessing that this will be announced but will not be available for pre-order until November and it will be available in two colors, Black and White.

    Other Announcements

    I think there will be two other announcements as well.

    The first of these is an order date and availability date for the 10.9-inch iPad Air. The iPad Air was announced at the September event with an “Available in October” date. It is now October. I would not be surprised if this was available for order on the 13th, with it starting to arrive on October 16th.

    The second announcement will be a Big Sur release date. We know it is coming, but we are not sure when. It is possible that Apple will wait and have the release date be the same time as the Macs with Apple Silicon, but I think Apple needs to announce a date for Big Sur sooner rather than later.


    Here is a recap of what I am predicting for the October 13th event.

    • iPad Air order date – 100%
    • iPad Air release date – 100%
    • iPhone 12 mini – 100%
    • iPhone 12 – 100%
    • iPhone 12 Pro – 100%
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max – 100%
    • iPhone 12 mini screen at 5.4 inches – 100%
    • iPhone 12 screen at 6.1 inches – 100%
    • iPhone 12 Pro screen at 6.1 inches – 100%
    • iPhone 12 Pro Max screen at 6.7 inches – 100%
    • iPhone 12 Pro new blue color – 95%
    • iPhone 12 Pro Pro new blue color – 95%
    • All four models having 5G – 90%
    • HomePod mini – 90%
    • HomePod mini available in November – 90%
    • HomePod mini for $99 – 90%
    • Big Sur release date – 90%

    The “Hi, Speed” announcement starts at 10a.m. on Tuesday, October 13th. Like usual, I will have a recap of what was announced and later in the week I will have a recap of how well I did with my predictions.

  • My Prediction Results for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    My Prediction Results for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    As has become my custom, with each Apple event I predict what I think Apple will unveil. You can read the recap that I posted about what was announced, but let us look at how I did with my predictions. Here is what I predicted.


    • New Apple Watch Bands – 100%
    • Services Bundle – 95%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%
    • No New iPhones announced – 80%
    • Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%
    • New iPad Air – 60%
    • New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%
    • All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

    New Apple Watch Bands – 100%

    I guessed that Apple would release new Apple Watch bands, and boy did they ever. They have a whole bunch of new colors for existing bands including five new Sport Band colors, seven new Sport Loop color combinations, three new Nike Sport Band color combinations, and three new Nike Sport Loop color combinations. There are a slew of new Hermes bands and even a couple of new stainless steel colors, Gold Milanese and Graphite Milanese bands.

    Along with the new color combinations, there are three new Apple Watch Band types. These are the Leather Link, the Solo Loop, and the Braided Solo Loop. The Leather Link is a new look to the Leather band. It takes the existing Leather band and adds in links, so it provides some texture to the band. The Solo Loop is a one-piece watch band that is designed to fit snugly, yet is flexible enough to be removable. The Braided Solo Loop is the same design as the Solo Loop, but it is made with 100% recycled yarn and silicone threads to create a comfortable band.

    The Solo Loops come in 9 different sizes, 1 to 9 for the 40mm, and 4 to 12 for the 44mm watch. These are not compatible with the Series 3 or earlier Apple Watches. These are only compatible with the Series 4 and newer.

    Services Bundle – 95%

    Apple did announce a services bundle called “Apple One“. Available later this fall, Apple One consists of three different tiers, “Individual”, “Family”, and “Premier”. All three tiers include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud. The amount of iCloud storage varies. It is 50GB for the Individual plan, 200GB for the family plan, and 2TB for the Premier plan. The Premier plan also includes Apple News+ and a brand new service, Apple Fitness+.

    The Apple One bundle does allow you to purchase additional storage for iCloud on top of the included storage. Furthermore, it will support those who have a different iTunes account versus an iCloud account.

    Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%

    Apple did announce a new Apple Watch Series 6, which as a 2.5x brighter screen and a new Blood Oxygen sensor and accompanying app. The Apple Watch Series 6 does also have two new aluminum color options, Blue and PRODUCT(RED). These are being delivered into people’s hands as of today.

    No New iPhones announced – 80%

    Apple did not announce any new iPhones at this event. Apple stated on their last earnings call that the iPhone would be a few weeks late, so it makes sense that there were no new iPhones announced at this event.

    Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%

    I was wrong about this one, kinda, more on that in a minute. The Apple Watch Series 5 is no longer available for sale.

    Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%

    Apple did announce an Appel Watch SE. It is not a Series 6, but it does use the Series 5 internals. It does not have an always on screen, nor the blood oxygen sensor, but it does have a brighter screen and uses the same form factor as the Series 4 and newer, so it can support the new Apple Watch bands discussed above.

    Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%

    Nope, the price of the Apple Watch SE starts at $279, not $179.

    New iPad Air – 60%/New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%

    Apple announced a new iPad Air that does indeed have a designed inspired by the iPad Pro. It now has square sides, and the Touch ID sensor has been moved to the top button. This provides the ability to have smaller bezels, so the screen can now be larger at 10.9 inches instead of the previous 10.5-inch size. The new size also means that it can support the same Magic Keyboard as the 11-inch iPad Pros. With the redesign, it now supports the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil and charges in the same manner through magnets on the side of the iPad Air.

    The iPad Air also comes with the A14 Bionic chip, so it has even faster performance. The A14 Bionic also includes a beefier neural engine for faster on-device machine learning and even better graphics.

    The iPad Air comes in five colors, Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue, with the latter two being new. The new iPad Air is a bit more expensive than the last version. The new model starts at $599 for a 64GB Wifi-only model, and it will be available in October.

    All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

    All of Apple’s services have been included in a bundle, although it is the most expensive, they are still in the bundle.


    Overall, not too bad on my predictions. I only missed 2 out of 10, so 80% correct. I’ll take it. It will be interesting to see what the next event holds. Once that is announced I will do another prediction post, a recap of the event, and a recap of my predictions for that event. Before that series of posts though, I will have a review of the Apple Watch Series 6, which I just received, so look for that soon.

  • Predictions for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    Predictions for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    Apple is having their “Time Flies” event tomorrow. While nothing is certain, there are some possibilities for what we will see. Here is what I think we will see.

    Apple Watch Series 6

    With the event being namee “Time Flies”, it suggests that we will see something related to “time”, and there is a chronometer that Apple sells called the Apple Watch. Since 2015, Apple has released a new Apple Watch. This year is likely no different.

    What I think will be different is that there will be two new Apple Watch models introduced. The Apple Watch Series 6 and what I’ll dub the next as the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Series 6 will likely have better battery life, possibly a new sensor. My guess is that the Apple Watch Series 6 SE will have the same form-factor, same processor, but may only have the features that were in the Apple Watch Series 4. The key with the Apple Watch Series 6 SE is that it will be less expensive. I predict that the “SE Model” will have a starting price of $179. Furthermore, it will replace the Apple Watch Series 3. Lastly, I think the Series 5 will stick around at a starting price of $299.

    The last Apple Watch related item is new bands. Apple considers the Watch to be a fashion item. The way to customize the Apple Watch that is most noticeable at first glance is through choosing you Apple Watch band. I predict that Apple will release at least 3 new Apple Watch Bands.

    I give the likelihood of a new Apple Watch at 90%, and an Apple Watch SE model at 60%. I am guessing the price point of the Apple Watch SE being $179 at 50%, and keeping the Apple Watch Series 5 at 75%. I give the likelihood of new Apple Watch bands at 100%.


    Earlier this year Apple released a new set of iPad Pro models. Therefore, I do not think we will see new iPad Pro models, although it is always a possibility. Instead, I think we will see new iPad Air. I think it will have an updated processor, an iPad Pro-inspired design with flat edges and a slimmer bezels.

    I give the probability of a new iPad Air at 60% and having an iPad Pro-inspired design at 60% as well.


    Typically in September Apple unveils their new iPhones. I do not think that this will happen at this event. This is due to Apple’s Chief Financial Officer, Luca Maestri, indicating that this year’s Apple’s iPhones will be a released a few weeks later than normal. This is, as you might expect, due to COVID-19.

    I am giving the possibility of not hearing about iPhones at 80%. It is always possible that Apple will announce new iPhones, and if that does happen they will not be available for a month or so.

    Services Bundle

    Many have postulated that Apple may eventually bundle of their services. It appears as though this might actually be coming to fruition. With the 3.4.0 beta of Apple Music on Android, there are strings that indicate that a services bundle might be coming. This bundle will include Apple Music as well as other services.

    I am guessing that there is a 95% chance that Apple announces this bundle, even if it is not available right away. I am guessing that the bundle will include Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and iCloud Storage. I give this a 25% chance of being the case.

    Predictions Recap

    • New Apple Watch Bands – 100%
    • Services Bundle – 95%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%
    • No New iPhones announced – 80%
    • Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%
    • New iPad Air – 60%
    • New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%
    • All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

    Once the event is over I will post about the event and later in the week a recap of how well my predictions went.

  • WWDC 2020 Predictions

    WWDC 2020 Predictions

    2020 has provided a lot of change to what we might have expected. A vast majority of the world has had to quarantine or shelter in place and due to Covid-19. Because of this, many things have been interrupted and/or delayed. Some of these delays has likely included Apple’s development of their operating systems and platforms.

    One of the items has been Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference itself. Typically WWDC occurs the first or second week of June at the San Diego Convention Center. That is not occurring. Instead, WWDC is a fully virtual conference.

    Even with all of this uncertainty, there are some things that are guaranteed. Some of the guaranteed items include seeing information about the next version of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. So, the fact that these will be shown, none of them are within my guesses.

    Initially I was only going to do my “Hopes for Improvement” post, but I have decided to an actual predictions post as well. Normally, I would have a bunch of predictions, but this year I do not have that many, or at least not as many as other years. This year I will be breaking my guesses down by platform. There are only 10 total.


    There is one thing that I actually enjoy predicting each year. That item is the name of the next version of macOS. With Apple using California place names, I think it will be one of the following:

    • Golden Gate
    • Sequoia
    • Tahoe
    • Redwood
    • Mammoth
    • Oxnard (for the Dunes)
    • Channel Islands
    • Napa
    • Big Sur

    I am giving the percentage of one of these names being used at 65%. I will not be surprised if I am entirely wrong, because my guesses have not been accurate in the past.

    I think we will see some improvements with MacCatalyst. Specifically, improved options for controls. I give this a 50% chance of happening.

    Next is Messages. I am guessing that Messages on the Mac will become a Catalyst app and will have feature parity with iOS. I give this a 95% chance of happening.

    Transition to ARM

    There has been much talk about Apple moving away from Intel and using their own ARM-based chips. I think that this transition will be announced and I give it a 50% chance of being announced.

    Furthermore, I am giving a 5% chance of an actual device being available for developers to order. I would love it to be the case. I would even be willing to pay full price, provided I get to keep the device.


    The iPad is a device that could use a significant improvement to some of its features. I think we will see some changes to the way the home screen functions. The home screen has been a grid since the original iPhone. The grid on the iPhone makes sense, but on the iPad, much more can be done. I think there will be a new list view option, similar to the Apple Watch. I am giving this a 70% possibility. I am also thinking this will come to the iPhone, and give this a 60% chance of happening.


    I think we will see additional health-related items on watchOS. This could be something like a new workout type, or more likely sleep tracking. I give this a 75% chance of occurring.

    The second item for watchOS is the ability for third-party watch faces with a new framework. This will allow third-parties to create and customize various aspects of the watch face. I am giving this a 25% probability of happening.


    I think we will see an announcement that the base iCloud storage will be doubled to 10GB instead of the measly and paltry 5GB available now. I give this a 5% chance of happening. I would like to give this a higher chance, but I do not think Apple will do increase it, but there is always a chance.

    Prediction Recap

    I do not have that many predictions for this year’s WWDC announcements. Here is a recap of my predictions:

    • Messages on Mac same as iOS — 95%
    • New health-related task on watchOS — 75%
    • App List view on iPadOS — 70%
    • macOS being one of the names listed — 65%
    • App List view on iPhone — 60%
    • Transition to ARM being announced — 50%
    • Mac Catalyst controls update — 50%
    • Third-party Watch Faces — 25%
    • ARM Dev Kit available for order — 5%
    • Double base iCloud Storage — 5%

    The keynote for WWDC 2020 will be airing tomorrow at 10:00am Pacific Time on June 22nd. I will have a recap of the keynote after it has finished.

  • My WWDC 2019 Predictions: Recap

    My WWDC 2019 Predictions: Recap

    WWDC 2019 has a whole ton of new features, you can read about all of those is my recap with what Apple announced. Instead with this post we will look at how I did with my predictions. Let us start with my tvOS predictions.

    tvOS Predictions

    tvOS only got a few updates, but they were ones that users had wanted.

    tvOS – More game features — 85%
    We did get some new game features, specifically game controller support for the Xbox One S controller and the Playstation DualShock 4 controller. This will be great for games on tvOS. These will also be supported on iOS and iPadOS. So I got this one correct.

    tvOS – Save specific screensavers — 5%
    We did not get any way to save a specific screensaver, but we did get more screensavers. So I missed on this one.

    tvOS – Multiple User support — 5%
    Shockingly, we did actually get multiple user support on tvOS. So I did get this one correct, even though I did not expect it.

    For tvOS, I got 66% correct, because 2 out of 3 is not that bad. Let us move onto watchOS.

    watchOS Predictions

    watchOS – Standalone App Store — 85%
    I did get this one correct with the inclusion of an App Store on the Watch, due to standalone apps coming.

    watchOS – Now Playing complication for the Infograph Modular watch face — 30%
    I do not know if we got the Now Playing complication or not, as I have not installed watchOS 6 on my Apple Watch. I am going to say we did not, so I did not get this one correct.

    watchOS – New watch face — 95%
    We did get a bunch of new watch faces. In fact, according to Apple there are more new watch faces than were in the original Apple Watch. So I got this one right.

    Just like with tvOS, I got 2 out of 3 correct, again this is 66%. Let us now turn to macOS.

    macOS Predictions

    macOS 10.15 is a big update, not necessarily in terms of features, but in terms of what this all means.

    macOS – iPad apps coming to the Mac — 95%
    iPad apps are actually coming to the Mac, as long as a developer adds support for their apps on the Mac.

    macOS – Screen Time on the Mac — 95%
    Screen Time is coming to the Mac and this is a good thing for everyone to be able to get a full look at how you are spending time in front of screens.

    macOS – Mac Pro Preview — 75%
    We did get a preview of the Mac Pro that is coming in the fall. I was right on this one.

    macOS – New Display Preview — 75%
    Just like the Mac Pro, we did get a preview of the Pro Display HDR.

    macOS – Named macOS Tahoe — 10%
    I was wrong on the name for macOS 10.15. The name is macOS Catalina.

    For macOS I got 4 out of 5 guesses correct, so 80%.

    iOS Predictions

    iOS – Elimination of support for A7-based devices — 95%
    iOS 13 does remove support for A7 devices, so I got this one correct.

    iOS – Additional Screen Time enhancements — 90%
    We did not get any additional Screen Time enhancements, as far as I can tell. So I was wrong about this one.

    iOS – Dark Mode on iOS — 90%
    iOS 13 does include a Dark Mode, and looks fantastic.

    iOS – Multiple Instances/Windows for apps — 75%
    iPadOS 13 includes support that allows multiple windows from a single app. This will help people with productivity.

    Services/Siri – Siri synchronization — 60%
    We did not get synchronization of data with Siri. So I did not get this one correct.

    iOS – Developer control of Screen Time — 50%
    Developers do not have any control over Screen time, so I did not get this one right.

    iOS – Additional Developer tools on iOS — 25%
    There were no additional developer tools on iOS, so I missed on this one too.

    iOS – Radically Different iPad Layout — 15%
    The iPad on iPadOS 13 did get a significantly different layout. This does include Today Widgets being on the home screen and the ability. So I got this one correct.

    iOS – Elimination of support for A8-based devices — 10%
    I could TECHNICALLY say this was is correct, because the A8 Processor is not supported, but I did not get this right. You can install iPadOS 13 on the iPad Air 2, which has an A8X, not an A8.

    iOS – Interface Builder on iPad — 5%
    As much as I would have liked this, we did not get Interface Builder on the iPad.

    For iOS, I got a total of 4 out of 10, so this brought down my average.


    Out of 21 total predictions, I got 12 correct, or 57.14% correct. This is fewer predictions than I would have liked, but it is not easy to guess what Apple will do.