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  • Apple “Hi, Speed” Event Prediction Results

    Apple “Hi, Speed” Event Prediction Results

    Earlier this week Apple held their “Hi, Speed” event. On Sunday I made my predictions for what I thought we would see. I made 16 predictions for this event, so let us see how well I did with my predictions for this event.

    iPad Air order and release date – 100%

    Unfortunately, I got these two predictions wrong. Apple did not provide a release date, nor an order date at the event. It was announced as a press release the morning of Friday, October 16th, that iPad Airs were available for order that day and would be available on October 23rd.

    iPhone 12 mini/iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max – 100%

    I got all four of these correct since Apple announced four different phones, the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    iPhone 12 Screen Sizes (Four Predictions) – 100%

    I predicted that there would be three different size screens. The iPhone mini at 5.4 inches, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro at 6.1-inches, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7-inches. All four of these were correct as these were the screen sizes.

    iPhone 12 new blue color – 95%

    There is indeed a new iPhone 12 color called Blue.

    iPhone 12 Pro Max new blue color – 95%

    I got this one correct as well. There is a new iPhone Pro/Pro Max blue color, Pacific Blue.

    All four models having 5G – 90%

    Yes, all four iPhone 12/12 Pro models have 5G connections in them. I will be interested in seeing how well 5G works compared to 4G with the same phone in the same locations.

    HomePod mini available in November – 90%

    Yes, the HomePod mini is available for pre-order on November 6th, with a release date the week of November 16th. I am quite interested in the HomePod mini and will likely end up ordering a couple of them.

    HomePod mini for $99 – 90%

    Yes, the HomePod mini is available for $99 in either white or black.

    Big Sur release date – 90%

    Unfortunately, I got this one wrong. No release date for macOS Big Sur has been released. You can pre-order either of the e-books for my macOS Big Sur book. You can pre-order macOS Big Sur for Users, Administrators, and Developers on Apple Books or Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

    Prediction Results

    Out of 16 predictions, I got 13 correct. This is probably the best I have done at 81.25% being correct. With no release date for macOS Big Sur and no announcement of new Macs running Apple Silicon, I am guessing that there might be one last event sometime in November. I guess we will know soon enough. If there is indeed an event, then I will have another prediction post for what we will see at that event.

    In the meantime, be sure to check out the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Availability posts for availability of the latest iPhones. You can also get all of the details of the event in my event recap post.

  • My Prediction Results for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    My Prediction Results for Apple’s “Time Flies” Event

    As has become my custom, with each Apple event I predict what I think Apple will unveil. You can read the recap that I posted about what was announced, but let us look at how I did with my predictions. Here is what I predicted.


    • New Apple Watch Bands – 100%
    • Services Bundle – 95%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%
    • No New iPhones announced – 80%
    • Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%
    • Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%
    • New iPad Air – 60%
    • New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%
    • All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

    New Apple Watch Bands – 100%

    I guessed that Apple would release new Apple Watch bands, and boy did they ever. They have a whole bunch of new colors for existing bands including five new Sport Band colors, seven new Sport Loop color combinations, three new Nike Sport Band color combinations, and three new Nike Sport Loop color combinations. There are a slew of new Hermes bands and even a couple of new stainless steel colors, Gold Milanese and Graphite Milanese bands.

    Along with the new color combinations, there are three new Apple Watch Band types. These are the Leather Link, the Solo Loop, and the Braided Solo Loop. The Leather Link is a new look to the Leather band. It takes the existing Leather band and adds in links, so it provides some texture to the band. The Solo Loop is a one-piece watch band that is designed to fit snugly, yet is flexible enough to be removable. The Braided Solo Loop is the same design as the Solo Loop, but it is made with 100% recycled yarn and silicone threads to create a comfortable band.

    The Solo Loops come in 9 different sizes, 1 to 9 for the 40mm, and 4 to 12 for the 44mm watch. These are not compatible with the Series 3 or earlier Apple Watches. These are only compatible with the Series 4 and newer.

    Services Bundle – 95%

    Apple did announce a services bundle called “Apple One“. Available later this fall, Apple One consists of three different tiers, “Individual”, “Family”, and “Premier”. All three tiers include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and iCloud. The amount of iCloud storage varies. It is 50GB for the Individual plan, 200GB for the family plan, and 2TB for the Premier plan. The Premier plan also includes Apple News+ and a brand new service, Apple Fitness+.

    The Apple One bundle does allow you to purchase additional storage for iCloud on top of the included storage. Furthermore, it will support those who have a different iTunes account versus an iCloud account.

    Apple Watch Series 6 – 90%

    Apple did announce a new Apple Watch Series 6, which as a 2.5x brighter screen and a new Blood Oxygen sensor and accompanying app. The Apple Watch Series 6 does also have two new aluminum color options, Blue and PRODUCT(RED). These are being delivered into people’s hands as of today.

    No New iPhones announced – 80%

    Apple did not announce any new iPhones at this event. Apple stated on their last earnings call that the iPhone would be a few weeks late, so it makes sense that there were no new iPhones announced at this event.

    Apple Watch Series 5 staying around – 75%

    I was wrong about this one, kinda, more on that in a minute. The Apple Watch Series 5 is no longer available for sale.

    Apple Watch Series 6 SE – 60%

    Apple did announce an Appel Watch SE. It is not a Series 6, but it does use the Series 5 internals. It does not have an always on screen, nor the blood oxygen sensor, but it does have a brighter screen and uses the same form factor as the Series 4 and newer, so it can support the new Apple Watch bands discussed above.

    Apple Watch Series 6 SE price of $179 – 50%

    Nope, the price of the Apple Watch SE starts at $279, not $179.

    New iPad Air – 60%/New iPad Air has iPad Pro-inspired design – 60%

    Apple announced a new iPad Air that does indeed have a designed inspired by the iPad Pro. It now has square sides, and the Touch ID sensor has been moved to the top button. This provides the ability to have smaller bezels, so the screen can now be larger at 10.9 inches instead of the previous 10.5-inch size. The new size also means that it can support the same Magic Keyboard as the 11-inch iPad Pros. With the redesign, it now supports the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil and charges in the same manner through magnets on the side of the iPad Air.

    The iPad Air also comes with the A14 Bionic chip, so it has even faster performance. The A14 Bionic also includes a beefier neural engine for faster on-device machine learning and even better graphics.

    The iPad Air comes in five colors, Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold, Green, and Sky Blue, with the latter two being new. The new iPad Air is a bit more expensive than the last version. The new model starts at $599 for a 64GB Wifi-only model, and it will be available in October.

    All Apple Services included in bundle – 25%

    All of Apple’s services have been included in a bundle, although it is the most expensive, they are still in the bundle.


    Overall, not too bad on my predictions. I only missed 2 out of 10, so 80% correct. I’ll take it. It will be interesting to see what the next event holds. Once that is announced I will do another prediction post, a recap of the event, and a recap of my predictions for that event. Before that series of posts though, I will have a review of the Apple Watch Series 6, which I just received, so look for that soon.

  • WWDC Prediction Results and Thoughts on WWDC 2020

    WWDC Prediction Results and Thoughts on WWDC 2020

    As has become a tradition, I make predictions about what Apple will announced at their World Wide Developer Conference. You can see those predictions on this post. Along with the prediction results, I do have some thoughts about the new format for this all virtual conference. But first, here are the results of those predictions.

    Messages on Mac same as iOS — 95%

    I was right on this prediction. Messages on macOS is now a Mac Catalyst app. This means that they are the same application with the same features across iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

    New health-related task on watchOS — 75%

    This is also correct. There is sleep tracking available on watchOS 7. I am sure this has been the most requested feature for watchOS.

    App List view on iPadOS — 70%/App List view on iPhone — 60%

    This was not announced. There is a new App Library option, but it is not a list view, instead it is a grid of your applications that are grouped together.

    macOS being one of the names listed — 65%

    The macOS name has indeed named one of my guesses. In fact it is named macOS Big Sur. I guess Apple’s marketing team ‘drug-fueled minibus-driven vision quests’.

    Transition to ARM being announced — 50%

    Yes, Apple did indeed announce the transition to their own Apple Silicon, which is based on ARM.

    Improvement to Controls on Mac Catalyst — 50%

    There were improvements with controls on Mac Catalyst, so this on is correct as well.

    Third-party Watch Faces — 25%

    This was not announced. There is the ability to share watch faces, but you cannot have full third-party watch faces.

    ARM Dev Kit available for order — 5%

    Despite giving it a low possibility, there is a Developer Transition Kit available for developers. This Developer Transition Kit is not representative of what Apple will release with its Apple Silicon. The specifications for this transition kit are:

    • Apple A12Z Bionic Processor
    • 16GB of Memory
    • 512GB of SSD Storage
    • Two USB-C ports (up to 10Gbps)
    • Two USB-A ports (up to 5Gbps)
    • HDMI 2.0
    • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Gigabit Ethernet

    You are able to apply for the Developer Transition Kit. However, one thing to remember is that you are renting this transition kit in order to develop your apps on Apple Silicon. You are not allowed to keep the device. There is a fee for the transition kit, $500 USD. You can apply on the Developer website. To quote the Apple developer website:

    As part of the program, you’ll have limited access to a Developer Transition Kit (DTK), which will be shipped to you, for developing and testing your Universal apps. The DTK is owned by Apple and must be returned.

    Double base iCloud Storage — 5%

    I was incorrect about this one. There has been no change to iCloud Storage, although I still think there should be.

    Prediction Recap

    I only got 60% correct, which is not too bad for only having 10 predictions. I do have some thoughts about the WWDC format, so let us dive into that next.

    Thoughts on WWDC 2020 Format

    When Apple announced an online-only WWDC for this year, due to Covid 19. No one was 100% sure what to expect, myself included. We were expecting a Keynote, State of the Union session, and session videos. Due to Covid-19, we could not expect an audience and I think Apple did a pretty good job for the videos.

    While the Keynote and State of the Union sessions were streamed, the remaining days of videos have been released at 10 am. Pacific Time on each day. While this worked for me, being in the US Central Time, I am sure it did not work for others, who may be on the other side of the world. I understand Apple’s choice here. To maintain some semblance of an in-person conference, they chose a time close to the usual time of starting the conference. It might be good if they either changed the time to earlier, say maybe 8 am Pacific Time, or released a couple of batches of videos throughout the day.

    Last year with the conference being in-person, many of the sessions needed to be between 35 minutes and an hour. This is because you had people to move between sessions and they needed enough time to get to the next session. With a completely virtual conference, this is not necessary. Instead, Apple is able to have a video be just as long as it needs to. There are some videos that are still 45 minutes, or longer. A couple of these are Introduction to SwiftUI, Port your Mac app to Apple Silicon, and What’s new with in-app purchase. However, most videos are around 30 minutes, with some being as short as 8 or 9 minutes. Furthermore, the various lengths have also allowed the extraneous things that would have been required in years past to not be included, like coding demos. There are still some coding demos in some of the videos, but it is significantly fewer videos that have full coding sessions.

    I think these various length for videos makes it easier for developers to be able to find what they are looking for instead of having to search through an entire session to find one snippet. For myself, I think I have gotten through watching more videos in a shorter amount of time, which means I can get started on my books that much sooner.

    The last tidbit I will mention about the WWDC videos is that I do enjoy seeing the different areas of Apple Park. It is entirely possible that everything was done with green screens and that we are not actually seeing places where these videos were recorded. Even if that is the case, it is nice to see different areas of Apple Park, particularly since many of us will never be able to see them for ourselves.

    Closing Thoughts

    Even though I likely would not have gone to WWDC myself, the change to the videos is quite nice. I hope that Apple is willing to either move the entire conference to be virtual, which does create a consistent experience for all developers. If they were to go back to an in-person conference, it would be good to see some sort of hybrid, maybe fewer sessions, or more pre-recorded videos. I really do enjoy having the various length videos, it has helped me get to exactly what I need to watch instead of watching an entire session’s video.