iOS 14 Paperbacks and Kindle e-book are Now Available

I know there are some that prefer to have physical copies of books, and you can now buy a paperback versions of my latest iOS book; iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7 for Users and Developers. You can get either a Black & White version for $14.99 or a Color version for $39.99. If you would prefer to frequent your local reseller you can purchase the Black & White version from them using the ISBN 979-8677546914. Due to pricing, only the Black & White version is available through third-party bookstores.

In these uncertain times, you can also get a Kindle version for $3.99. If you prefer you can purchase a copy from Apple Books for $3.99.

iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and watchOS 7 for Users and Developers somewhat mirrors macOS Big Sur in that there are some design tweaks like the new Widgets and your ability to place them on the home screen for device running iOS, the new App Library system, which can help you organize your home screen. Along with the home screen changes, search and Siri have seen some improvements as well, and those are covered. Safari can now help keep you informed about who is tracking you across the web.

Communications is a big part of today’s society, so the updates to Messages is covered, and there is a whole new help to help you translate text, called the Translate app. Users will be able to learn about the new updates to Notes, Reminders, and Maps. If you prefer to handwrite items there is a new feature just for you called called Scribble, which will take your handwriting and covert it into text.

Health is a huge topic and there have been some big changes like the renamed Fitness app on the iPhone and a way of tracking Sleep on the Apple Watch. These are both covered along with updates to Face ID and masks, as well as new ways to protect your hearing. The Music and Home apps have been slightly changed and updated and the Shortcuts app gets some new tricks to help automate things even better than before.

Developers will learn all about Apple Silicon, because their iOS and iPadOS apps can run natively on Macs running Apple Silicon. Along with Apple Silicon, developers can learn about changes to Xcode, the new Swift, SwiftUI, and Swift Packages, as well as how to implement WidgetKit, some things to keep in mind about AppClips, how to implement the new Color Picker and how to support PencilKit and Scribble with their custom interfaces.

Daily Run Down 01/28/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Nelson Mandella is recovering from a collapsed lung.
  • The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that Rahm Emmanuel can stay on the Chicago Mayoral Ballot.
  • Jon Stewart has been named to the 9/11 Museum Board.
  • Microsoft is reporting more than 300 Million copies of Windows 7 have been sold.
  • Linked In has filed to raise $175 Million in an IPO.
  • A Lost Vivaldi Concerto has been resurrected.
  • There is a complete Internt blackout in Egypt.
  • Kindle Books are now outselling paperbacks on Amazon.
  • Apple has released iTunes 10.1.2 to support CDMA iPhone.
  • Volkwagen has unveiled a car that gets 313 MPG.
  • Federal Officials have finally admit that photographing federal buildings is not a crime.
  • Ancient Tools may mark earlier human paths out of Africa.
  • The Genetic History of a pneumonia-causing superbug has been unraveled.
  • The Sun has unleashed a double ejection.
  • A new African Wolf Species has been identified.
  • Senator Wyden is proposing a law that would require Law Enforcement to acquire a warrant to get device location information.
  • Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If an important story has been missed please leave it in the comments.