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Daily Run Down 07/13/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

General News

  • Why we still love the Stones
  • Analysis Penn State report may increase universitys liability
  • Cities going broke Can Scrantons minimum wage plan work
  • Politicians barred from speaking at 9/11 ceremony
  • Farmers suffer as soaring temperatures worsen drought in Midwest
  • Morgan Freeman Obama Mandela Batman and me
  • Armstrong doctor denies doping
  • Zimmerman FBI reports released
  • Illegal-Ivory Bust Shows Growing U.S. Appetite for Elephant Tusks
  • WikiLeaks Wins Icelandic Court Battle Against Visa for Blocking Donations
  • July 13 1977 Massive Blackout Plunges New York Into Rioting


  • Aereo moving full steam ahead with TV plans after federal judges decision
  • Alanis Morissette on When to Use Technology and When to Turn Off
  • Researchers pave way for much brighter OLEDs
  • Internet content blocking travels downstream affects unwary users
  • Verizon spectrum deal stalled by Justice Departments concerns about competition
  • Why arent our 4000 mph vacuum tunnel trains getting built
  • Surfing goats ride waves in Orange County
  • 13 Freaky Facts About Friday the 13th
  • Lesson #1451 – The New Watercooler
  • Argument Victory
  • July 13 2012
  • 07/13/12 PHD comic CV
  • When I Host a Match Making Event w Ernest
  • when I find an app that makes cool gifs
  • when Im alone at a bar waiting for friends and someone gives me eye contact
  • Facebooks New Instagram Filters
  • FAIL Nation Snake FAIL
  • Gotta Love LA
  • Failbook Well Hey You Even Impressed Ashton Kutcher Not Bad. 10/10
  • Back to Nature
  • Parenting Fails I Hate the Petting Zoo
  • Autocowrecks Yeah On Second Thought Im Busy Tonight
  • Photo
  • WIN Pillows WIN
  • Failbook Riding With Swagrid
  • Now That Youve Looked Wanna Buy Me a Ranier
  • Yo Dawg We Herd U Liek… Okay You Know What No. Im Done.
  • Parenting Fails If All Dads Laid Down the Law Like This There Would Be No Skinny Jeans
  • Lego for the WINe
  • Bonnie and Clyde guns expected to go for over $100000 at auction


  • M4 reopens after emergency repair
  • Shots fired at police during
  • S Africa train in deadly crash
  • British spy chief says Iran is two years from nuclear bomb
  • Jet crashes near French Riviera three dead
  • Four missing in Canada landslide
  • Rapper sues dealer over Lamborghini deal
  • Bill Murray The Guy Who Can Get Away With Murder
  • Man dies of heat stroke brings heat-related deaths total to 23
  • Mayor Emanuel Dont rush Jacksons return to Congress
  • The big fix 21-year-old $102817.90 check still valid
  • TGIF in Chicago
  • When I ordered a coke fries at Billy Goat
  • When I found out theyre serving Asian Carp Burgers at The Taste
  • lizstrauss The sky in the water again. #chicago #sunrise #lizharbor4 http//


  • thevowel Bravo AMC – AMC to Dish Well go ahead and stream Breaking Bad for free. K bye http//
  • Mona Two dogs got married in NY landed in Guinness Book of World Records. And same-sex marriages are still taboo…why http//
  • bassguy @waynedixon #CommemoratingMilestonesWithHatredOfRegionalAccents
  • → Apple has rejoined EPEAT
  • Humongous solar flare erupts in our direction
  • Pluto now has at least five moons. Can we go back to calling it a planetIt’ll always be a planet to me!
  • Moon to Block Jupiter and Its Moons | Video
  • For Unendowed Fish A Fake Dinner Leads to Sex
  • US France mark 50th anniversary of first TV satellite
  • Pluto Quiz How Well Do You Know the Dwarf Planet
  • Identity of First Americans Questioned
  • Antarctica Surrounded by Threats
  • Was America first colonised by two cultures at once
  • Deductive Reasoning vs. Inductive Reasoning
  • The Humble Banana Gets Its Genome Decoded
  • Viruses used in vaccines can recombine—and get virulent
  • Aerographite becomes the lightest material ever produced
  • Original 1972 Space Shuttle Mockup Moved for Display
  • Video Solar Eruption Caught on Camera

    Big News

  • Apple iOS in-app purchases hacked everything is free video
  • Court rules firm must process payments to WikiLeaks
  • Congress fumes over Team USAs Made in China uniformsAs they should.
  • Apple caves following flood of complaints returns to EPEAT ratingsCustomers can actually influence Apple.
  • GuyKawasaki Terahertz scanner could see skin cancer http//
  • GameStop offering bonus trade-in credit toward Steam gift cards
  • Imposing order on the Xbox 360s worst trolls


  • Olympic security chaos depth of G4S security crisis revealed
  • 2012 London Games For 2 U.S. Runners Dead Heat Controversy Simply Will Not Die
  • U.S. Olympic outfits made in ChinaYou would think that they would be made in the USA… I guess we just suck.
  • Olympic task to tackle rough sleeping
  • Schools break up early for Games
  • Official Olympic Travel Advice From Transport from Londonist
  • NBC launches Olympics mobile apps includes live-streaming with one-time authentication


  • When and how will users get the next version of Microsofts Office
  • Apple iOS in-app purchases hacked everything is free video
  • Microsoft Office 2013 set to debut July 16th


  • Court rules firm must process payments to WikiLeaks
  • Judge Richard Posner says there are serious problems with the US patent system
  • Cafe knife killer jailed for life
  • Grill the Meat Not Your Hands


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