Daily Run Down 06/15/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source General News Will US arms fix Syrian problem A Modern Immigrant Finds the Spotlight Two Boston Parking Spots Sell for $560000 at Auction – WTF? International To avoid crime Venezuelans run together For those fleeing N. Korea new problems on obscure escape route through Laos NSA […]

Daily Run Down 05/09/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News Bangladesh factory fire kills eight collapse toll tops 900 General News 20 most obscure team nicknames in pro sports Jodi Arias Says She Prefers Death Penalty in Murder Trial NY council approves paid sick time act Bloomberg vows veto Brooklyn Navy Yard Is Home […]

Daily Run Down 05/08/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Recalls XYMOGEN identifies allergen oversight by third-party manufacturer issues recall of artriphenâ„¢ General News Video Charles Ramsey Says Give Any Reward Money To Kidnapping Victims Cleveland captives returning home Boston One Fund hits $29 million but cant make victims whole LAPD 3 parties to split $1 […]

Daily Run Down 09/22/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. General News How our love for numbers warps school reform NFL referee lockout drags on 4 issues keeping replacement refs on the field Rocked by sex scandal Air Force installs woman commander for basic training Firms tell employees Avoid after-hours e-mail – Good Luck with that for my Job. […]