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Daily Run Down: 02-19-2010

Here is Today’s Daily RUn Down.

  • App;e has updated mobile me for the iPhone OS, including iPad.
  • Adobe’s download manager is installing software without consent.
  • FBI is probing the webcam spy case.
  • Billy Joel and Elton John have canceled their summer tour dates.
  • The Chicago Bears will be raising ticket prices for the 2010-2011 season.
  • US Intelligence agencies would like to have a super-sensitive Human lie-detector.
  • A Lost World War II era Nuke project has been found in a Dutch Scrapyard.
  • Microsoft has confirmed that a rootkit is causing the Windows XP blue screens.
  • There is an online drive to elect Singer John Mellencamp to the US Senate.
  • A suspect in the recent shooting at Northern Illinois University.
  • The US Mint is redesigning the Penny.
  • Copernicus, the famous heliocentrist, was born today 537 years ago today.

Look for more stories tomorrow.

Daily Run Down: 02-14-2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • YouTube turns five years old today.
  • Linux is not ready for the new 4096-byte sectors on some hard drives.
  • Adobe has put an anonymous hold on the HTML5 spec, because it competes with Flash.
  • Author Dick Francis has died at the age of 89.
  • Northern Illinois University is planning a vigil on the 2nd anniversary of the shooting rampage there.
  • Film Director Kevin Smith has been classified as ‘too fat’ and a ‘safety risk’ by Southwest Airlines.

Look for more stories tomorrow.