wwrite 4.5.0 and wwriteLite 4.5.0 are now available

iOS 13 is a huge update and I have updated both wwrite and wwriteLite to take advantage of a number of features available.

wwrite 4.5.0 and wwriteLite 4.5.0 bring a few new features, fix a couple of bugs, and removes one item. Both of these apps require iOS 13.

iOS 13 Specifics

  • Dark mode for the app. By default it will match the system, but you can set your preferred style in settings.
  • Multiple windows, so you can work on more than one file at a time.
  • The ability to convert your files to PDF, by taking a screenshot.

Drag and Drop (iPad Only) – There are more drag and drop abilities. There is a new file icon in the toolbar on the iPad.

  • You can now drag files between wwriteLite and wwrite.
  • You can create copies of files by dragging from the icon in the toolbar to the File List.
  • You can drag and drop templates between wwriteLite and wwrite by dragging on the specific template you want to copy between the two apps.
  • You can also create copies of your templates by dragging on the template from the template ist and then dropping it right back on the list.

Other New Features

  • The File List rows will now be multiple lines if necessary.
  • The file name, date, and time will also go to multiple lines if necessary.
  • You can now see more information about an ad by swiping from right to left on the Ad and a description will show. (wwriteLite only)

Bug Fixes – some things have been fixed

  • Including attachments when emailing support will now work again.
  • Fixed the crash where clicking on “support via twitter” would cause the app to crash.
  • The autosave feature was not displaying properly. This has been fixed, but you may need to reset your auto save interval. Sorry about that.

Other Tweaks

  • The divider between each file will now go all the way across.
  • The “email” icon has been updated to a paper airplane.
  • The “print” icon is now a printer.
  • The title of the file will be larger and shrink as you scroll.
  • The Lock/Unlock, Enable/Disable Auto Save, and Delete colors are now system colors.

Removed Feature – There is one removed feature

  • The custom app email signature when sending emails has been removed. Only the system email signature will show.

If you find any bugs, are having issues, or have questions be sure to use the “Support” options within the app. Both of these are free updates. If you are still on iOS 12, you can download wwrite 4.2.3 and wwriteLite 4.2.3.

wwrite 4.5.0 and wwriteLite 4.5.0 are both available now in the App Store.