Canceling Subscriptions to Online Dating Sites

I’ve been single well over a year now, exactly 404 days. Yeah, something’s missing… Any who, My ex didn’t move out until December 9th, despite breaking up on Halloween. Me being the chivalrous type I didn’t sign up for any dating sites until after she moved out. I joined and paid for the 6-month […]

Daily Run Down 04/06/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Windows Server “8” Beta Hyper-V Scale-up Virtual Machines Part 1… Improve Your Windows 7 Registry With 7 Easy Tweaks Lawsuit over missing iPhone magically disappears Cisco Linksys routers bring the cloud home – I know I won’t be buying anything from Cisco ‘Flashback’ trojan virus found to affect 600000 […]

Daily Run Down 04/21/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Sophos has chastised Facebook about their security. A DHCP bug on Android has kicked devices off of Princeton’s Network. Ocean warming may push fish to the poles. NASA has given $270 million to Space-X and other commercial ventures. There are renewed concerns regarding Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant shutting […]