Daily Run Down 06/06/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News U.S. Secretly Collecting Logs of Business Calls Crash witness Jeep went up in flames Social Vine gets Rickrolled by 16-year-old Baby Names Reveal Parents Political Ideology General News Why Book Publishers Are Still Dragging Their Heels on Selling You E-Books TSA knife ban to […]

Daily Run Down 07/11/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. General News Great white shark sightings up on East and West Coasts What are they after 70 Students at Stuyvesant to Retake Exams After Cheating Case Wisconsin Nude Beach Draws opposition The new retirement age 70 Emilia strengthens to major hurricane in Pacific Biebers paparazzi problems – Isn’t this […]

Daily Run Down 06/01/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Guitar Pee urinal turns user into a music whiz AMD releases Catalyst drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview Phone detects radiation in Japan Phone detects radiation in Japan Economic Preview U.S. job growth in May seen as lackluster Daddy What Are Turntables Eight-Tracks and Floppy Disks Elizabeth Warren says […]

Daily Run Down 05/18/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Verizon Wireless to transition grandfathered customers from unlimited data plans Google Hey We Can Update Our Search Engine Too Charles Petzold’s Windows 8 Programming Book Arrives Get It While It’s Cheap The Worst Phones You Can Buy Horrors of Srebrenica set out at Mladic trial Mayor of Osaka launches […]