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Daily Run Down: 06/16/2013: Historical Edition

Here is Today’s Historical Daily Run Down.

  • In 1139, Emperor Konoe of Japan is born.
  • In 1487, The Battle of Stoke Field, the final engagement of the War of the Roses, begins.
  • In 1514, English Scholar John Cheke is born.
  • In 1644, Princess Henrietta of England is born.
  • In 1723, Scottish Philosopher and economist, Adam Smith, is born.
  • In 1745, British troops take Cape Breton Island.
  • In 1749, Italian Salt Trader Johann Baptista Ruffini dies.
  • In 1774, Harrodsburg, Kentucky is founded.
  • In 1795, The First Battle of Groix, also known as ‘Cornwallis’ Retreat’ begins.
  • In 1813, German archaeologist, Otto Jahn is born.
  • In 1829, Native American leader Geronimo is born.
  • In 1836, The formation of the London Working Men’s Association occurs.
  • In 1858, Abraham Lincoln delivers his House Divided speech.
  • In 1883, The Victoria Hall Theatre panic occurs killing 183 children.
  • In 1888, Russian physicist and mathematician Alexander Friedmann is born.
  • In 1891, John Abbott becomes Canada’s third Prime Minister.
  • In 1903, The Ford Motor Company is incorporated.
  • In 1911, The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, later known as IBM, is founded.
  • In 1933, The National Industrial Recovery Act is passed.
  • In 1970, English mathematician and geophysicist Sydney Chapman dies.
  • In 1977, German-American rocket scientist Werner von Braun dies.
  • In 1994, American singer-songwriter, and part of the “27 Club”, Kristen Pfaff dies.
  • In 2010, Bhutan becomes the first country to institute a total ban on tobacco.
  • In 2012, American financial journalist Dan Dorfman dies.

Look for current news later tonight and another historical daily run down next week.

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Daily Run Down 05/27/2013: Evening Edition

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