Daily Run Down 03/28/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Recalls Food Product Recall by the Gift Shop at Buffalo Trace Distillery Due to Undeclared Allergens General News US Congress restricts government purchase of Chinese computer equipment citing cyber-espionage concerns Punchable hackable squidaliens to return in upcoming Independence Day sequel Condoms on campus No thanks were Catholic college […]

Daily Run Down 03/19/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News Cypriot president faces parliament defeat on bailout levy Supreme Court upholds first sale right to sell used books or movies even when bought abroad Recalls LED Light Bulbs Recalled by Lighting Science Group Due to Fire Hazard General News Google Explores Tallest Mountains Spring […]

Daily Run Down 01/10/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source CES 2013 Thomas Edison Hologram Talks of Gadget Graveyard | Video CES 2013 Shazam adds TV and TV ads to its music finding service Gigabyte shows off an extra-tiny desktop PC with a Core i7 April release date USPS surprises CES with eye-popping app that brings […]

Daily Run Down 10/23/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Big News Microsoft Surface already backordered in US sells out in UK Amazon Cloud Service Outage US federal agency dropping 17000 BlackBerrys in favor of iPhones FDA 1279 facilities received other products from pharmacy linked to meningitis Why Grownups Have Ruined Halloween Pennsylvania police search for baby who disappeared […]