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  • Daily Run Down: 01-25-2010

    Here is Today’s Daily Run Down.

    • Rumor is that Sun Microsystem’s CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, will be resigning.
    • In the continuing saga of Apple Rumors, today there is a rumor that the iPhone will be available on all carriers in the US.
    • The Musical ‘Wicked’ will be returning to Chicago.
    • US and Canadian regulators have cleared the way for a merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster.
    • It looks like Nintendo will be shipping the Wii Classic Controller Pro this spring.
    • The EFF has asked that Universal pay it’s lawyer fees in a Youtube takedown case.
    • Scientific American has an article on how humans were almost extinct 1.2 Million years ago.
    • Nancy Kerrigan’s father has died.
    • “Chemical Ali” has been hanged in Iraq.
    • Actor James Mitchell has died at the age of 89.
    • A group of scientists is said to be digging up Leonardo Da Vinci’s bones.
    • Graco is recalling 1.5 Million strollers.
    • Belkin has released an iPhone OS Application and transmitter that will find clear stations.
    • Scientists believe they have found a link between diet, genes and Parkinson’s disease.

    Look for more stories tomorrow.

  • Daily Run Down: 01-16-2010

    Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

    • Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has dismissed the idea of a ‘Bill of Right’s for McCormick Place.
    • Lifehacker has an article on how to revive almost dead plants.
    • Apple, in a counter measure against Nokia, has requested that Nokia cell phone imports to the US be banned.
    • A JFK terminal was evacuated after a passenger opened a ‘restricted’ door and set off an alarm.
    • You can, if you’re so inclined, put GPS on an original iPhone or an iPod touch. It’ll cost you thought.
    • There is an exploit that will reveal the users location.
    • A spectrum of light was captured allegedly from a distant world.
    • There will most likely be a price hike on valentine’s candy with the rise in sugar.
    • The Code used to attack google is now public.
    • Today, back in 1920, prohibition is introduced in the 18th amendment of the constitution.
    • Johnson & Johnson has issued a massive recall of tylenol.
    • Rogers Wireless has ceased all sales of the HTC dream for a 911-related GPS issue.

    Look for more stories tomorrow.

  • Daily Run Down: 01-08-2010

    Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

    • The FCC has been dealt a blow by the federal appeals court.
    • Acer is recalling 22,000 notebooks.
    • Hootsuite, creators of the iPhone App, have raised $1.9 million.
    • Wired Science has an article on how Hominids went out of Africa on rafts.
    • Scientist have turned wood into bone.
    • Apple has gained control of sixteen web domains in an ICANN dispute.
    • Vice President Biden’s mother has died at the age of 92.
    • A Swiss speeder has been slapped with a $290,000 fine.
    • Rumor is that the next generation iPhone will carry an LED flash.
    • Drew Peterson’s trial will be kept open.
    • A bookie refuses to pay an $11 million payout.
    • Microsoft has patented DRM’d torrents.
    • Google has applied to be an energy marketer.
    • Disney will be releasing it’s first 3D Blu-ray this holiday season.
    • Scientists have discovered the oldest footprints on earth.
    • Senator Ron Wyden has demanded the IP treaty details.
    • Palm has opened it’s developer program.
    • The FTC says celebrities do not have to disclose freebies.
    • Google news has ceased hosting new AP content.

    Look for more stories tomorrow.

  • Daily Run Down: 01-10-2010

    Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

    • There is a rumor that the Apple Tablet team is in a cone of silence and that Mac OS X 10.7 will be previewed.
    • New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was sworn in for his third term today.
    • Hundreds of Cars were torched in France at New Years.

    • LiveScience has an article on the technology of 1910.
    • A Shanghai factory was shutdown due to tainted milk.
    • Mophie is said to be creating an iPhone Credit Card Reader.

    Look for more stories tomorrow.

  • Macworld 2008 Keynote wrapup.

    Today was the keynote for MacWorld San Francisco 2008. Steve Jobs announced several things today.. Here’s the run down:

    Leopard has sold over 5 million copies so far, that’s 20% of them have upgraded their computers to Leopard. It’s the most successful launch of an Operating System that they’ve had.

    Apple introduced a new product today, Time Capsule. To describe it, it’s basically an Airport Extreme wireless base station with either a 500 Gigabyte or 1 Terabyte hard drive built in. It will allow for syncing over Wireless, and will work with Time Machine wirelessly.


    Just like the Airport Extreme it comes with gigabit networking on all of the ports, and 802.11N (draft). The prices are as follows. For the 500GB model it will cost you $299, while the 1 Terabyte model will cost you $499. You can pre-order today, and it will be shipping in February.

    The Second thing that Steve Jobs presented was on the iPhone. Within the first quarter the iPhone has grown to consume 19.5% of the smartphone market. It has been 200 days since the iPhone started shipping and over 4 million iPhones have been sold.

    The new release of the firmware (version 1.1.3) was released. The new features are…

    – Maps with location push pins. This will allow you to keep track of favorite locations and subsequently move the pins around.

    – Webclips are website bookmarks on your home screen. They will remember the location on the screen where you zoomed/panned to. You can create up to 9 of them.

    – The ability to customize the home screen. You can click and drag the icons around on the screen, put different items within the dock.

    – SMS to multiple people (No mention of MMS, but we’ll take what we can get). This should have been included in the initial release.

    – Lastly, the ability to see the lyrics within a song. The lyrics are within the ID3 tags (if you’ve added them or used Harmonic to automatically add them).

    The software update is available today as a free update to all existing iPhone users.

    There are also 5 new applications for the iPod touch. These are already on the iPhone. They are: Maps, Mail, Stocks, Notes, and Weather. They will cost $20 for iPod Touch users (presumably through iTunes).

    —Now, can somebody tell me why the hell iPod touch users should have to pay for a firmware update? iPhone users do not, and no previous versions of the iPod have had to pay for firmware upgrades. It seems a bit odd to me.

    iTunes was the third thing on the agenda.

    So far 4 billion songs sold (as of last week), there were 20 million songs sold in one day on Christmas day. New one-day record for iTunes. 125 million TV shows sold. 7 million movies. Both are way above competitors, but did not meet expectations of projected downloads.

    A new feature is available, iTunes Movie Rentals. Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, Lionsgate, Newline, Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount, Universal, and Sony are all on board, that is every major movie studio. There are currently over 1000 movies available for rental. New titles will be available 30 days after the DVD release. (This is so they don’t cannibalize DVD sales [for now]). You will be able to watch anywhere on your Macs, PCs, all current iPods and the iPhone.

    The rules for rentals are as follows, once you rent a movie you have 30 days to start watching it. Once you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish it. Then the rental expires.

    You will be able to watch the rentals instantaneously (approximately 30 seconds). iTunes Movie Rentals launches today in the U.S. International will launch later this year. Software updates for iPods and iTunes will be forthcoming. the iTunes update is available now, you can get it here.

    You ask, what about my nice new HD TV? Steve has taken care of that too…

    Apple TV Take 2. You do not need a computer. You’ll be able to Rent movies from your Apple TV. DVD quality AND HD + Dolby 5.1 surround sound. You can listen or watch podcasts. You can browse through your photos from Flickr and Apple’s .Mac service. You can watch YouTube videos, Synching with iTunes (no mention of streaming). You will be able to also rent High Definition movies (Same resolution as DVD, 720 x 480p). They will cost $4.99. 100 titles are available today. You can also preview movies from the interface, and see what other users who have rented that movie have rented.

    Photo screensavers can be retrieved from .Mac web galleries. (why not flickr?). You can purchase music right from Apple TV. The new Apple TV is a free software update for owners of the current apple TV. The New software will be out in 2 weeks. And Apple TV has a new price starting at $229 (down from $299). The 160GB Model is now $329.

    The fourth, and final, thing: There’s something in the air. Apple introduced a new product called the Macbook Air (MBA). Apple thought 3 lbs is a good target weight, but there was too much compromise with the other features. The MacBook Air is 0.16″ to 0.76″ thick. The thickest part of the MacBook Air is thinner than the thinnest part of the Sony TZ. It fits entirely inside a envelope. The MBA has a Magnetic latch and a 13.3″ widescreen display (same as the Macbook). The display is LED backlit. There is an iSight built-in. MacBook-like keyboard, but with an ambient light sensor. There is also a Multi-touch trackpad. To move a window by double-tap and move. Rotate a photo by pivoting your index finger around your thumb. Of course, pinch-zoom (like on the iPod Touch and iPhone).

    Detailed Specs:
    1.8″ Hard Drive, in either 80 GB hard disk standard, or an option oif 64 GB SSD ($999).
    1.6 GHz Standard, 1.8 GHz Option — Intel Core 2 Duo
    Apple asked Intel to shrink the Core 2 Duo. Intel shrunk the processor by 60%. Paul Otellini stated the processor is as thick as a nickle and as wide as a dime.

    45 Watt MagSafe, 1 USB 2.0 port, Micro-DVI, Audio Out.
    802.11n + Bluetooth 2.1/EDR.
    No optical drive, but a Superdrive accessory is available for $99.
    There’s also software comes with the MacBook Air that allows you to “borrow” a Mac or PCs optical drive.
    5 hours of Battery Life
    2 GB Memory standard
    Pre-orders today, shipping in two weeks

    Environmental highlights: fully aluminum case (good for recycling), first fully mercury and lead free display, circuit boards are BFR free, retail packaging are 56% less volume than MacBook.

    MacbookAir front view

    Just a thought on my part, this is only one step away from a tablet mac computer. Just a thought.

    In just the first 2 weeks of 2008, apple has updated the Mac Pro, introduced Time Capsule, software updates for iPhone and iPod Touch, Movie Rentals for iTunes, Apple TV software updates, and MacBook Air.

  • Thoughts on iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 and Apple.

    Apple released their Update to the iPhone to 1.1.1. This has had several impacts on many users. The 1.1.1 ‘update’ has broken ALL 3rd Party Applications, Ringtones, and Sim Card Unlock programs. This has ‘broken’ many iPhones to the point where they no longer work.

    I myself have ‘upgraded’ my phone to 1.0.2, put my ringtones back, added 3rd party apps. Most of the time I have no problem just using what’s given to me, but I refuse to do so in this case. I used the directions from The baseband (modem) firmware wasn’t changed, but I was able to get 3rd party applications on my iPhone.

    As I stated in the TWIT.TV Forums in Regards to the Engadget Open Letter to Apple & iPhone Customers

    “My take on the entire situation is that I’d like to see Apple allow 3rd party apps, easily (ala SDK), or provide an iPhone Hacker Edition, which they will only support the hardware, yet allow 3rd party applications. Provide the base OS, nothing more. They could even charge a bit more, not much, like $25 or even $50. Almost make it an open-source type phone (Unlocked Of Course). Make it GSM to allow the biggest customer base of consumers..”

    I think this would work on several levels, They could write the code once for the ‘hacker edition’ and then never submit another update, or just send an update that wouldn’t touch any 3rd party apps, just fix any bugs that were within the OS code. This would allow those who don’t want to mess with their phone, to purchase a ‘locked’ iPhone, and those who want to mess with the software to do so.

    You’ll hear more about the “bricked” iphones, than the non-bricked ones, because the community of iPhone users is very vocal, not much unlike the macintosh community.

    IF apple instituted a subscription model for Applicatoins, I’d gladly pay $10 / month for plenty of good, useful applications and games. Items like a mobile chat client (ichat or adium), Customization options like changing the background, the icons for the different applications. and the look of the “dock”.

    I think that Apple will face severe backlash for the things that they have done to ‘break’ 3rd party applications. They do not have a unified message across all of their devices. They don’t have a ‘hacking’ stance on the Apple TV. They do not say anything about those who ‘hack’ their Macs to do things they are not designed to do, so why would you have a ‘hammer-lock’ stance on a device that could potentially change an entire industry? It doesn’t make sense. I myself am not happy with Apple and their stance on the iPhone. If they continue down this path of locking out users, they will find themselves not selling very many iPhones. This would be both a bad business move, and bad for the community for both Apple and AT&T.

    I do not anticipate that the pending release of the next version of the Apple’s Mac OS X, version 10.5 (Leopard), will be any less difficult to modify than Mac OS X, 10.4 (Tiger) currently is; but with the given trend, I can’t say for certain. We’ll all just have to wait until it is released sometime this month. I will be installing this update, Sans Boot-camp, once it’s released, onto an External Hard drive, just to see what it’s like, before committing to it. If I really wanted to, I could always put a new hard drive into my mac, and then replace the one in there, but using the one I have now is a better idea. I’ll post my thoughts and comments on Leopard once it’s out.

  • Apple Updates

    Apple decided to ship their 1.1.1 firmware update for the iPhone. Now, this broke all unlocked (as in Non-AT&T) iPhones. Additionally, you can no longer have 3rd Party Applications and the iPhone Dev Team is working hard on breaking this, and I don’t have my custom ringtones. Based on principle, I refuse to purchase ringtones, there’s just no reason to force people to purchase them. I’m eagerly waiting the ability to get my ringtones back.

    On another note, I think I’ve decided to get the Apple 10.5 Leopard Family Pack once it’s available with my $100 Rebate and my Gift card that I got for our 6th Month Anniversary, from the beautiful Jenny. Either that, or I’ll end up getting a 160GB iPod Classic. I’m pretty sure it’ll be Leopard.

    On a completely separate note, I’ll be moving in with my Grandma after my Grandpa died last weekend. I’ll be paying rent, so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll probably be moving some stuff over, starting next weekend, but we’ll see….

  • Theory: Apple iPhone Conspiracy

    I was just thinking about it. I think Apple Didn’t want to allow 3rd Party developers to write native apps, IE Non-Safari, for the iPhone because they wanted to steal all of the best ideas and “write” (permanently borrow and not tribute) their own versions. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they might be doing this so that they don’t have to think about what apps people want, they can do market research… just an idea…

    I do know that they don’t want to compromise the stability of the phone with 3rd party apps, but why not run those in a sandbox?

  • Tip: iPhone Photos

    To pull your iPhone photos off of your phone, connect it to any computer, and use your favorite Photo application to obtain the images. on the Mac, you can use IPhoto, this will preserve the XIF data and import the photos. They are initally at 1600×1200 resolution. On windows, feel free to use MSPaint or Even Word. I’m pretty sure Photoshop Express would allow this too….