Daily Run Down 06/30/2013: Historical Edition

born. In 1559, King Henry II of France is mortally wounded in a jousting battle. In 1685, English writer John Gay is dies. In 1947, American businessman Barry Bremen is dies. In 1972, The first leap second is added to the UTC time system. In 1987, The Royal Canadian Mint issues the $1 coin, known […]

Daily Run Down 06/20/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Recalls Beef recall National Beef product could contain E.coli General News Joe Torre Daughter catches falling baby Group apologizes to gay community shuts down cure ministry Stephen Colberts Remarkable Tribute To His Mother Lorna Colbert International Indian landslides leave thousands trapped in valley Death of Russian […]

Daily Run Down: 05/26/2013: Historical Edition

Image Source Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 17, Germanicus returns to Rome as a hero. In 604, Benedictine Monk, Augustine of Canterbury, dies. In 946, King Edmund I of England is killed by a their while celebrating St. Augustine’s Mass day. In 1293, An earthquake strikes Kamakuru, Kanagawa Japan, killing 30,000. In […]

Daily Run Down 02/09/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News Aldi confirms up to 100% horsemeat in beef products Malloy Closes Roads Bans Travel in Connecticut Until Further Notice – Patch.com General News The kids are all right — but disagree with bishops on sex and birth control Port Authority announces large majority of […]