Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down 08/29/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

Current News

  • The Chicago White Sox have retired Frank Thomas’ Number 35.
  • There is now a 64GB Flash Drive that is the size of a postage stamp.
  • China is going to mine the Yellow Sea floor
  • Giant Rings around Galaxies have Astronomers a bit  perplexed.
  • Due to a downpour in Phoenix has caused a 69-car pile up.

Historical News

  • In 1632, English Philosopher John Locke was born.
  • In 1786, Shay’s Rebellion begins due to High Taxes.
  • In 1898, The Goodyear company was founded
  • In 1923, English Director Richard Attenborough was born.
  • In 1949, the Soviet Atomic Bomb project tests it’s first bomb.
  • In 1968, Ulysses S. Grant III, died.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If I forgot any important stories please let everybody know in the comments.

Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down: 02-11-2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Apple has released a firmware update for the Mac Pros to fix the Audio processor spike bug.
  • Kanex has shown off it’s HDMI to Mini displayPort adapter at Macworld 2010.
  • Apple now has a promotional countdown to it’s 10 Billionth Song Sold.
  • Microsoft has unleashed Office 2011 for the Mac.
  • Microsoft decided to drop some hints at a possiblity of having Microsoft Office for iPad.
  • An Oak Tree that is 1200 years old has succomb to the weather in Britain and died.
  • YouTube competitor Veoh has filed for bankruptcy.
  • There is a product, the Ultraslide, for the extreme exercisers. It reminds me of the Disney Movie Heavyweights.
  • Palm Pre and Pixi have not been halted as suspected. They are just on hold for the Chinese New Year.
  • Former President Bill Clinton has undergone a heart procedure.
  • Tivo is announcing something on March 2nd in New York City.
  • Eleven letters from J.D. Salinger offer a glimpse at the secluded author’s interests.
  • Rumors are abound about Google purchasing search engine Aardvark.
  • Josh Schnell over at has an interesting take on the iPad and iPhone combo for gaming.
  • British Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen has been found dead at his London Home.
  • NASA has decided to open an observatory to study the sun.
  • The cause for the Sand Dunes of Mars have been discovered.
  • Chicago White Sox player, Frank Thomas, has officially retired.

Look for more stories tomorrow