Daily Run Down 04/25/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News FAA clears Boeing battery fix ending 787 flight ban Supreme Court of Iceland rules firm must process donations for WikiLeaks Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bells voice recovered from unplayable record General News CIA pushed to add Boston bomber to terror watch list Officers Killing […]

Daily Run Down 11/04/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Big News Gas lines Rationing Is it the 70s again Three US states poised to legalise cannabis and defy war on drugs Havasupai Falls Arizona VOTE New York City Marathon Runs Anyway Britains oldest man makes 110 Geeks to the rescue NYCs tech community rallies together for Sandy relief […]

Daily Run Down 06/01/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Guitar Pee urinal turns user into a music whiz AMD releases Catalyst drivers for Windows 8 Release Preview Phone detects radiation in Japan Phone detects radiation in Japan Economic Preview U.S. job growth in May seen as lackluster Daddy What Are Turntables Eight-Tracks and Floppy Disks Elizabeth Warren says […]

Daily Run Down 08/19/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Google+ Mac “app” now available (Updated) iPhone 5GS FAIL Extended Axel Mascot FAIL HTC invites fans to ‘see what’s next’ on September 1st Apple Phasing Out Developer Access to UDIDs in iOS 5 Burger King retires mascot “The King” (AP) How to Use UTF-8 Throughout Your Web Stack Why […]