Daily Run Down 05/18/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News New US manual for diagnosing mental disorders published Social How the $4000 Cards Against Humanity Kickstarter became a multi-million dollar business General News Lawyer denies OJ Simpsons claims Mountain of Petroleum Coke From Oil Sands Rises in Detroit Scenes from the Cannes Red Carpet […]

Daily Run Down 01/17/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News Notre Dames Teo embroiled in girlfriend hoax Vauxhall helicopter crash leaves two dead latest news from London Manti Teo A linebacker a made-up girlfriend and a national hoax – CNN – I think there should be some criminal prosecution for this stunt. General News […]

Daily Run Down 07/02/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Iceland The president who said no gets record fifth term Hacker Gets Three Years in Prison for Pirating Internet Top Republicans press healthcare law repeal effort Con Ed Curtails Services After Talks Break Down Roberts wobbly before ruling on health-care law CBS reports – The Seattle Times Boehner Ryan […]