Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down: 03-17-2010: St. Patrick’s Day Edition.

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Mississippi makes spoofing caller ID illegal.
  • Color E-ink will be making an appearance in late 2010.
  • 45 Detroit schools are set to close in June.
  • All four Major Cell phone carriers will Have the Google Nexus One this year.
  • President Obama has released his picks for the 2010 NCAA tournament.
  • Min-Kyo Choi has won the Brit Insurance Design Award 2010 for his ‘flat-pack’ plug.
  • NPR and the Wall Street Journal are preparing Flash-free sites for the iPad.
  • Razer, the gaming peripheral company, has released a left-handed mouse.
  • has some new Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapters.
  • Ben Heck has hacked a custom Bill Paxton Pinball machine together.
  • 57 years ago today, the Black Box for Airplanes was invented.
  • John Grisham has finally authorized e-book sales for his works.
  • For those with Motrola Droid phones, you will be getting the Android 2.1 update soon.
  • LiveScience has an article on why some clovers have Four leafs.
  • Google has a nice logo for St. Patrick’s Day 2010.
Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down: 03-11-2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • Foursquare and Starbucks have teamed up to offer customers rewards.
  • TigerText, the application to erase embarrassing text messages has gone international.
  • Apple is revamping the E-book categories prior to the iPad launch on April 3rd.
  • Barnes and Noble has officially acknowledged that they are working on an iPhone OS E-reader application.
  • Pink Floyd tracks will no longer be available as single tracks, it’ll albums only.
  • President Obama has given away his $1.4 Million Nobel prize to charities.
  • Playstation has copied the WiiMote with the ‘Playstation Move’.
  • 48 Hawaii Only species are now on the endangered list.
  • Actor Merlin Olsen has died at the age of 89.
  • New Zealand is going to be adding a $900 Million cable to the pacific.
  • Half of Kansas City Missouri schools will be closed come fall.
  • Ireland now has a Leprechaun Museum.
  • Unlike Illinois, California tax payers should be getting their refunds on time.
  • The Federal Trade Commission may block the Google/AdMob deal.

Look for more stories tomorrow.