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  • iOS 12 and macOS Mojave e-book sale

    iOS 12 and macOS Mojave e-book sale

    In celebration of the holidays my two latest e-books, iOS 12, tvOS 12, and watchOS 5 for Users and Developers, and macOS Mojave for Users, Administrators, and Developers are on sale in the Apple Books store. Each title is $2.99. The titles are on sale until 12/31/2018. The books make a great companion to those who might be getting an iOS device or a new Mac for the holidays.

  • iPhone X: A Review for Users and Developers

    iPhone X: A Review for Users and Developers

    So I have started posting my iPhone X review. The first article focuses on the Screen. As mentioned in that article I normally write one giant review. But for the iPhone X, given its myriad of new features and just how much it change the idea of an iPhone, I opted to break it up into different articles. I have decided to bundle them all up into a single e-book, in case that is easier for you to read it in one fell swoop.

    iPhone X: A Review for developers and users covers many of the new features of the iPhone X. Some of these topics include: the Screen, Face ID, Animoji, Apple Pay, Gestures, and Passwords, aspects of the iPhone X that developers need to consider, wireless charging, and some thoughts on going from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone X.

    iPhone X: A Review for Users and Developers is available as an e-pub book. You can buy the iPhone X: A Review e-book for $1.99 from Amazon or for $0.99 from Apple.

  • OS X 10.11 El Capitan e-book is now available

    As is the case in the previous years, I have written an e-book about OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

    It is available now on Apple’s iBooks Store in both iBooks format as well as ePub format. You can also purchase it from Amazon if you prefer using the Kindle app or e-reader. The cost for the e-book is $3.99.


    OS X 10.11 El Capitan for Users, Administrators and Developers covers many of the new features within the operating system. For users, we cover the new Split View, the changes to the cursor, the new San Francisco Font, changes to Spotlight, upgraded Notes, improvements to Apple Maps, and the new features of Safari.

    For administrators we cover the big changes to application assignment and other changes to Profile Manager, the overall look, some file sharing changes, the improved softwareupdate command, the implications of security changes, and built-in application versions.

    For developers we look at the new Apple Developer account, Xcode 7, the new frameworks like Metal, GameplayKit, and Network Extension. We also look at the changes developers need to make for security, Swift 2, changes to Objective-C and CloudKitJS.

  • iOS 9 for Users and Developers e-book now available

    iOS 9 for Users and Developers Cover

    iOS 9 for users and developers covers new features in iOS 9. This includes On Demand Resources, App Thinning, and storage usage. Other changes include Keyboard changes, improvements to Search, changes to the way News is handled. Additionally, updates to Siri, new features on Notes, Multitasking, System Fonts, updates in Security and file management. One of the biggest changes is Safari, Apple Maps, and even improvements to the Apple Watch.

    The book comes is available in two versions from Apple. The first is ePub and the second is the iBooks edition. Both are priced at $3.99.

    You can also purchase it from Amazon as well for $3.99.

  • iOS 8 Sales

    iOS 8 Sales

    Back on September 19th, I posted how the sales of my iOS 8 book were doing. This was after only 2 days, but the numbers included 16 days worth of pre-orders. I thought I would do an update to that post. This chart is comprehensive between both Amazon and Apple. Here are the links for purchase Apple (ePub), Apple (iBooks), or Amazon (ePub). This information is for all of September.


    Just as expected, the United States is taking up a majority of the sales. The U.S. has 81 percent of overall sales, followed by the U.K. at 11 percent and Canada at 6 percent. None of the percentages differ greatly from the sales percentage on September 19th. Let us look at Non-US sales numbers by themselves.


    The U.K.’s marketshare has increased by 5 percentage to 34, up from 29 percent. Germany’s marketshare has decreased by 3 percentage points to 21 percent. Italy has passed by Canada, to take 9 percent, to Canada’s 8 percent; these are up 3 percent and 2 percent respectively. Japan’s share has dropped by 3 percent to 6 percent overall. While Greece, whom also has 6 percent previously, has dropped to 4 percent.

    So there it is, the percentages have remained largely unchanged. The biggest surprise, to me, was Japan. I did not expect such a high percentage of Non-US sales to originate from Japan.

  • iOS 8 e-book Additional Sales Information

    iOS 8 e-book Additional Sales Information

    While waiting for a couple of UPS deliveries, I thought I would look into some things on the Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle sites. I found some interesting information.

    iOS 8 for Users and Developers is Currently #2 in the Amazon Kindle store under “Computers Operating System” category. It is also in the “Hot New Releases”.


    On the Apple side, it is currently #1 and #8 Paid books in the “Computers & Internet” category. The #1 is the ePub edition and #8 is the iBooks edition.


    If a user clicks on the “Computers & Internet” category, under “Top Charts”, you will also see the ePub edition as the “Top Paid”.


    For this, I would sincerely like to thank everybody who has purchased the book. If you purchased the book, and found it useful, please recommend it to others.

  • iOS 8 for Users and Developers Sales

    iOS 8 for Users and Developers Sales

    I thought I would provide percentages for sales numbers for my e-book, iOS 8 for Users and Developers. It has been on sale since Wednesday, September 17th. These are sales percentages for just two days, and this does include 16 days worth of pre-orders. This chart is comprehensive between both Amazon and Apple. Here are the links for purchase Apple (ePub), Apple (iBooks), or Amazon (ePub).


    As you can see the United States has purchased the largest percentage of the e-books. To make it easier to see percentages, given such a disparity, I’ve created another chart.

    This is a chart with percentages not including the United States. Hence, the percentages for this graph are based on 20% of total sales.

  • iOS 8 for Users and Developers Now Available

    iOS 8 for Users and Developers Now Available

    My e-book “iOS 8 for Users and Developers” is now available from both Apple and Amazon. Here is the description of the e-book.

    iOS 8 for Users and Developers looks at all of the new features for iOS 8 including Family Sharing, Health, Spotlight, iCloud, Extensions, Custom Keyboards, Handoff, HomeKit, Changes to Messages, Safari updates, and Mail changes.

    Specifically for developers We look at Handoff, HomeKit, extensions, Custom Keyboard Security, Touch ID API, Sprite Kit, Scene Kit, CloudKit, PhotoKit, WebKit (WKWebView), Universal applications and Size Classes, switching to Modern Objective-C, Visual Debugging, the basics of Swift, and how App Bundles will affect developers.

    To purchase the e-book for $3.99, click on any of these links. Apple (ePub), Apple (iBooks), or Amazon (ePub).

  • iOS 8 for Users and Developers

    I posted that my iOS 8 for Users and Developers e-books were available for pre-order. These books still are available for pre-order. However, the release date has been moved up from October 1st to September 17th. Get your copy now.

    iOS 8 for Users and Developers Cover

    Pre-orders are available from Apple (ePub), Apple (iBooks), or Amazon (ePub).

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