Daily Run Down

Daily Run Down 05/13/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down.

  • The TSA Has frisked a baby because the stroller set off the ‘explosives’ detector.
  • Google Storage is now available all Developers.
  • Google has made the Chrome Webapp Store worldwide.
  • Google has unveiled the Acer Chromebook for $349.
  • America’s smallest turtle is becoming scarce.
  • Sunlight may turn Jet exhaust into toxic particles.
  • Samsung is creating a ChromeOS Desktop similar to a Mac Mini.
  • Tree Frogs have provided new answers to Amazon Diversity.
  • Senators have questioned AT&T on the T-mobile merger.
  • A Firmware hack can transform your 2009 Mac Pro into a 12-core behemoth.
  • A Jury has found former Galleon Hedge Fund manager Raj Rajaratnam guilty of insider trading.
  • An Ancient Supernova is firing gamma rays.
  • Four Months after agreeing to the Comcast-NBCU merger, Meredith Baker is leaving the FCC to join Comcast.
  • The FBI is stating that customers might sue if they knew companies were helping with Wiretaps.
  • US Researchers have identified the first human lung stem cell.

Look for more stories tomorrow. If an important story has been missed please leave it in the comments.

Daily Run Down Stories

Daily Run Down: 01-06-2010

Here is Today’s Daily Run Down. There is a separate post for CES items.

  • Cell Phone radiation may help memory.
  • The Palm Pre and Palm Pixi that are headed to Verizon now have specs.
  • Lew Allen, Jr who led the Jet Propulsion lab has died.
  • Facebook 3.1 for iPhone OS now has push notifications.
  • Netflix will now delay renting Warner Brothers DVDs by 4 weeks.
  • Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6.3 is now in testing to target on crashes.
  • The Department of Justice is said to review the Comcast-NBCU deal.
  • Chrome Dev Channel has been updated to support extensions on support.
  • New York City is seeking $200 Million per year for the 9/11 trials.
  • The Accused Holocaust gunman has died.
  • Gary Coleman has been hospitalized.
  • Andre Dawson, ex-Cub, has been elected in to the Hall of Fame.
  • Lakes on Mars are half-billion years later than expected.
  • Pitcher, Randy Johnson, has retired.
  • Tsutomu Yamaguchi, who survived 2 atom bombs, has died.

Look for more stories tomorrow.