iPad Pro Availability: 11/29/2015 (Evening)

This availability compares yesterday at 6:00PM and today at 4:00PM. Only a couple of changes; both of which are reversions. iPad Pro availability can be quite finicky. The availability for Mexico and Canada have reverted back to their 3-5 day availability for the 128GB Silver Wifi Only and 32GB Gold Wifi-Only models. Canada 128GB Silver […]

Daily Run Down 07/03/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Recalls Toys R Us Recalls Remote-Controlled Helicopters Due to Fire and Burn Hazards General News Watch the time-lapse beauty of San Francisco fog in Adrift Glendale City Council Hands Over $15 Million A Year To Keep Phoenix Coyotes In Town International Mandela family feud angers South […]