Digital Movie Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a good time to find some deals. I began looking at different movies that people may like. Here are some of the deals I found. These will likely expire on November 28th, 2017. These are just a sampling of the deals that are available. All of the deals available […]

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra pre-orders available on Amazon

iOS 10 for Users and Developers explores the myriad of new features in iOS 10 across all of Appleā€™s iOS-based devices: iPhone, iPad, tvOS, and watchOS. Some of the topics covered include Widgets, HomeKit, Payments, Unlocking your Mac, Notifications, Messages and the Music Redesign. For Developers, the biggest changes occur within Xcode and Swift. Swift […]

Amazon Prime Day

I don’t normally post links to sales because they are always changing. If you hadn’t noticed there aren’t many (or any) ads on the site. So I thought with Amazon Prime day being upon us, I’d do a post about Prime Day. If you do shop on Amazon, I’d appreciate if you’d use any of […]

Streaming Companies: How to Improve the Customer Experience

It is the season to watch halloween-based or scary movies. Now I have my list of halloween/scary movie that I watch every year. The list is at the end of this article. Weirdly, I had watched all of the movies that I normally see so I went looking for more. I subscribe to Netflix and […]

European Union E-book Pricing

Beginning January 1st, 2015, prepare for E-book prices in the European Union (EU) to rise. There reason for increased e-book prices is because the EU is going to be changing the rules on Value Added Tax (VAT) that is require for e-book prices. Currently, e-book retailers like Amazon and Apple have been using the Distributor’s […]