Daily Run Down 12/02/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Nissan Pivo 3 extreme agility concept EV hands-on Silverlight Stall Microsoft Says Final Word on v5 in the Coming Weeks Amazon launches Spanish and Italian Kindle stores and native-language Kindle hardware Mozilla ponders demise of Firefox for Leopard Sen. Al Franken Sends a Letter to Carrier IQ CEO Larry […]

Daily Run Down 03/20/2011

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Current News Microsoft has switched Ad companies. The Death toll in Japan has reached 7,000 people. The AP stylebook has officially changed ‘e-mail’ to ’email’. Kevin Rose has resigned from Digg. Borders is closing 28 more stores. Google is beginning to make guesses at release dates for video games […]

Daily Run Down 09/06/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Aftershocks continue to shake New Zealand. The Former cellist with the band Electric Light Orchestra has been killed in an accident. Some Rare footage of the Blitz on London has been found. One of the ‘Little Rock 9’, which was the first group to be integrated in a Little […]

Daily Run Down 08/20/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Math Equations reveal how Fat cells are born. In ‘Dumb Criminal of the Day’, a Bank Robber has outted himself after he fact checks Local News reports on the crime. There are 7 scientific reasons why a Zombie Outbreak will fail. The Recording Industry is trying to link Net […]