Daily Run Down: 07/29/2012: Historical Edition

Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 1030, Olaf II of Norway dies. In 1099, Pope Urban II dies. In 1565, Mary, Queen of Scots marries Henry Stuart. In 1567, James VI is crowned King of Scotland. In 1644, Pope Urban VIII dies. In 1646, German Composer Johan Theile is born. In 1797, American […]

Daily Run Down 04/13/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Leaked Microsoft roadmap reveals Office 15 IE 10 and Windows Phone details Microsoft forms subsidiary to engage with open source communities DOJ likely to lose eBook antitrust suit against Apple On this day in 1976 Apple co-founder Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake for $2300 Google posts Q1 results […]

Daily Run Down 04/01/2012: Historical Edition

Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 457, Majorian is declared emperor of the Roman Army. In 1293, Robert Winchelsey leaves England to be consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury. In 1640, Danish Mathematician Georg Mohr is born. In 1789, The United States House of Representatives holds it’s first quorum. In 1815, German statesman Otto […]

Daily Run Down 03/15/2012

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Throttled iPhone user balks at AT T settlement request vows to help others Updated FBI stumped by pimps Android pattern lock serves warrant on Google Six Tips for Better Portraits Marvells 3rd Generation 88SS9187 SSD Controller Candidates With Low Voices May Attract More Votes Was our interview with LulzSec […]