Daily Run Down: 05/26/2013: Historical Edition

Image Source Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 17, Germanicus returns to Rome as a hero. In 604, Benedictine Monk, Augustine of Canterbury, dies. In 946, King Edmund I of England is killed by a their while celebrating St. Augustine’s Mass day. In 1293, An earthquake strikes Kamakuru, Kanagawa Japan, killing 30,000. In […]

Daily Run Down 05/08/2013: Evening Edition

Here is this evening’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Recalls XYMOGEN identifies allergen oversight by third-party manufacturer issues recall of artriphenâ„¢ General News Video Charles Ramsey Says Give Any Reward Money To Kidnapping Victims Cleveland captives returning home Boston One Fund hits $29 million but cant make victims whole LAPD 3 parties to split $1 […]

Daily Run Down: 12/09/2012: Historical Edition

In 1425, The Catholic University of Leuven is founded. In 1565, Pope Pius IV dies. In 1571, Dutch Mathematician and astronomer Metius is born. In 1608, English Poet John Milton is born. In 1674, English Statesman Edward Hyde dies. In 1748, French chemist Claude Louis Berthollet is born. In 1787, English Architect John Dobson is […]

Daily Run Down: 11/18/2012: Historical Edition