Daily Run Down 05/16/2013: Morning Edition

Here is this morning’s Daily Run Down. Image Source Big News US tax chief resigns amid scandal General News KFC smugglers now delivering fast food through Gaza tunnels report says Death penalty allowed in Arias case J.J. ABRAMS Talks STAR TREK vs. STAR WARS on The Daily Show Christies Art Auction Sets Record at $495 […]

Daily Run Down: 04/28/2013: Historical Edition

Image Source Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 1192, Conrad of Montferrat dies. In 1503, The Battle of Cerignola is fought. In 1630, English Poet Charles Cotton is born. In 1758, 5th President of the United States, James Monroe, is born. In 1788, Maryland ratifies the Constitution of the United States. In 1792, […]

Daily Run Down 10/16/2011: Historical Edition

Here is today’s Historical Daily Run Down. In 1430, King James II of Scotland is born. In 1591, Pope Gregory XIV dies. In 1758, Noah Webster, American Lexicographer, is born. In 1781, George Washington captures Yorktown. In 1793, Marie Antoinette, Wife of Louis XVI, is guillotined. In 1834, The Palace of Westminster, in London, England, […]

Daily Run Down 07/25/2010

Here is today’s Daily Run Down. Current News 200 Buildings have been destroyed after an Eastern Iowa dam failed. The Court has ruled that bypassing dongles does not violate the DMCA. Weird Science believes that computer memory could grow on trees. Brain Scans could guide career choices. Historical News In 1758, During the Seven Years […]