Photo Gallery

Below are a number of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the years. Some of these images have appeared in some of my reviews, and others may have been shared on some social media sites. I have opted to have them all live in a single page on my website. None of the images have any post-processing, with the exclusion of adding a watermark. All of the photos below are copyrighted by me, Wayne Dixon, and cannot be used for any purpose, without explicit permission.

Cloud Cover
Crosshatch Clouds
Duck on a Dock
Fiery Sunset
Hazy Moon
Into the Fog
Orange Sunrise
Fiery Red Sunrise
Sunrise over the Lake
Orange Sun
Orange Sunrise over the Lake
Super Foggy Sunrise over the Lake
Tree Canopy
Windsor Castle
Winter Sunrise
Zoomed Moon
Photo of the Full Moon using 25x zoom on an iPhone 15 Pro Max
Photo of the side of an iPhone 15 Pro MAx. Shot using an iPhone 14 Pro Max