Work today was sort of slow at first, but then it got exceedingly hellish….

I started off downtown today, wasn’t anything that bad, I had 3 people show up to training, not too bad…

I edit an ASP page for the Genealogy index we have, nothing too difficult, just eh….

Then I headed to lunch, not too interesting either….

I had to fix the children’s PCs, because they wouldn’t print. one of the circulation computers wasn’t working properly with the domain, had to look at that. A PC in the lab’s screen doesn’t look right, I have a feeling that’s going…

Side Note: Jewel, ELAB5’s monitor color is off, there’s not a lot that can be done about it….

Then I had to try and setup a laptop and project for a program tomorrow…. this is when it really went downhill…. I can’t find the connection between the network connection and the laptop… not a good thing, since the program is about Ebay, and internet is required to do a program about that….

anyway, right now I’m formatting the hard drive for the family computer since Windows did not want to load at all last night, I’ve saved what needed to be saved, and the rest doesn’t matter…


Yes I know there’s no title to this….

Today was a big waste all around, didn’t do anything special today… I played Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and beat it… then I started playing Quake, but I had to get ready for work….

On to Work…. I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot at work today, I did help a few people, and I did make notes of UPS’s. I did find a new YA book that was interesting…. No, not just the cover is interesting, so far the story line is as well… although the cover didn’t hurt in grabbing attention. I’ll let everybody know how good it is….

My Day

Well Today was just another day in Aurora….

I didn’t want to go to work this morning, and I’m still not fully awake…. oh well…

it was raining on my way to work, so that kept traffic slow, it took me like 20 minutes to get to work, how sad….

I didn’t do a whole lot while at work, except now I have to work on making a Genealogy database into something viewable for patrons… this will be fun…. that’s the word for it, right….

after work, I went to the store, but I didn’t buy anything of consequence to really matter…

then I sat around playing games until like 3:30, at which point I got ready to go to school, which was a nightmare…. anybody who was around ogden just east of the railroad tracks, between long grove and frontenac will understand…

there was an accident, involving a mustang, and mini-van, and an SUV, coincidentally, all of the cars were white… really strange, now that I think about it… so that slowed traffic, not to mention the two cop cars that went speeding by, they didn’t help either.

school: this guy asked to borrow my cell phone to make a couple of calls, of course I say yes, he read me the number, and it sounded familiar, but it didn’t occur to me until after I got a text message from my friend, B… (yes jewel, I’m starting to use your style with names)…. she asked if I let a friend of her’s, use my cell phone to make a call, so it didnt’ occur to me until I look afterwards, and saw the he called B, very serendiptious…

our regular teacher wasn’t at class, and won’t be for the next two weeks, the sub isn’t too bad, not as entertaining though…. oh well… but I did manage to get a 95% on my quiz, so I can’t argue…. that makes my average 94.2%… it’s not 100% like I would like, but I guess I really can’t argue….. but oh well… I’m going to anyway….

that’s been my day… any comments?

Work and School

Well I was running around at work all day today, it was sort of annoying. Up and down stairs all day, gets to be tiring after a while….

School was repetitive again, per usual. but I did manage to get a 96.4% on my quiz tonight, so I guess I can’t argue… I’m going to watch West Wing some more now.

Work and Such

This is my second attempt at this post, it messed up the first time… now I have to retype this whole thing over again…. here goes…. and Jewel says I never post a lot in my blog… well, here it is…

Work was interesting, I had two people today in my training session, however they actually wanted to learn about Outlook, and actually seemed interested in learning, not just playing with Word Tutorials…. which is always a nice change of pace…

Next, I ended up playing memory traffic director. I ended up adding and taking memory out of 5 different machines in order to get all of the memory we wanted in each machine to work properly, that was fun… my boss and I tried taking memory out of an old server to put into the computers, but it didn’t work because even though the pin count was the same, the notches in the memory did not line up in one spot, so of course it wouldn’t work.

Next was lunch, which I actually took, which is quite rare for me. Not anything of much consequence during lunch….
After lunch, my boss and I replaced a dell power supply…. talk about unique setup… the power supply is on a pivot, and can lock into place, which is fine, but replacing the power supply wasn’t the most convenient thing on the face of the planet. First you have to actually unscrew the old power supply from the holder, and we had to remove a bracket because it interfered with the holder, so we started bending it, but it eventually all came off… cheap manufacturing… so that was fun putting that in.

Then, after that, came my meeting with the Director, Assistant Director, Head of Adult Services, Head of Children’s Services, and the person in Young People’s Department who usually handles the summer reading program… after completely redoing our entire summer reading program with them, I still have more meetings with the person from YPD, probably every Monday until June 13th…. but we’ll see….

Then I finally left work and headed to school, while I was driving to school, I got a frantic call from Erin saying that her bumper was pulled off of her car, from a small concrete blockade…. So after spending 45 minutes in the great Naperville weather, a balmy 42 degrees, with beautiful northeast winds around 20 mph, with the invigorating gray cloud cover, who couldn’t love it, I finally got her bumper to stay up so she could drive it home and back to school and home…. She’ll probably need a new one….

Onto school, it was ok, but there was way too much information to have a quiz from on Wednesday. Ethernet Framing, bit timing, all essentially useless in practicality, but who I am I to argue with Cisco for such a fine class….But I did manage to get a 98.2% on my quiz, I only missed one answer on a multiple choice, multiple answer question. Although that wasn’t too hard since the instructor didn’t prepare a Powerpoint presentation, so he read some questions directly from the quiz, so I only had to remember them for like 5 minutes… now I’m typing up notes to tonight’s lesson…. it’ll be interesting to get the pictures done….

There Jewel… I posted…. Rather long post… happy?