New Website Address

I’ve changed the Domain Name of my website, because, on a windows 2000 computer has all types of pop-ups, I think that’s bogus… so I changed to my website is now accessible using any of the following websites:

I will continue to use for another few weeks until everybody’s links are moved to one of these three addresses. If there are any more, I’ll let everybody know.

I was looking at my cell phone bill… Cingular charges 0.20ยข if you don’t have the area code on the phone number of a non-cingular customer, they call it international text messaging… how stupid….

although I do have 1,354 rollover minutes that I can use, over 22 hours of talking and I wouldn’t have to worry, not to mention the additional 450 minutes I have for this month…. don’t think I have to worry about getting off of the phone…

I just got my bill for last month today, it’s now the 11th, the billing cycle ends on the 23rd… hmm…. 18 days to get it… and it’s due next week…. they can’t blame the holiday…. that’s always completely wrong….

School was ok, I didn’t do a whole lot, I think I’m going to take the midterm sometime soon… it’s a simulator so it shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s only setting up 3 routers to communicate together.


Interesting word I found, technology related of course:

typosquatting: the practice of preying on typographical errors to expose users to computer viruses and other malicious software, including, but not limited to, adware, spyware, and malware.

so be careful when typing in web addresses.

Floppy Drive

I just bought Erin a floppy drive for $9.00 with free UPS 3 day shipping from… I like them, I’ve used them before to buy the keyboard I’m typing on…