CCNA Intro Exam

Well I did pass my INTRO exam, it was easier than I thought, yet I didn’t do as well I had hoped, I only got a score of 860 out of 1000, while 825 is needed to pass… wonder where I went wrong… oh well, I passed, I guess that’s all that matters.

Certification Test

well I have my certification test tomorrow at 1:30… This will be interesting… the only bad part is that I can’t go back if I want to change an answer… oh well… we’ll see how I do.


it’s always fun when computers don’t work… well that was work day…

I’m letting Erin take my laptop to school with her, so instead of buying a computer she bought a flat panel for her room, she was all excited to not have to spend money on a laptop. Her dad and I both thought that because I’m letting her use my laptop, she was buying the flat panel for me… but of course not… I don’t use the laptop that often anyway to the point where It will be that big of a difference in my day…

anyway, I know I haven’t posted much, not much to say, nor much time for posting… I have to study for a certication exam… only 570 pages left in my book… yippie.